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Prevent uploads of files already existing in your directories. Sysop utility for GT PowerComm.
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Prevent uploads of files already existing in your directories. Sysop utility for GT PowerComm.
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Contents of the CWBLOCK.DOC file

CWBLOCK by Cory Wright - Copr. 1990, Cory Wright - for use w/ GTPower 12.00+

v1.00 April 12, 1990

CWBLOCK writes 0 byte files in your upload directory that correspond
to each file in your other directories, effectively blocking duplicate

CWBLOCK is easy to start up. Simply pass it the name of your upload
directory like this:


CWBLOCK erases all 0 byte files present in your upload directory that
were possibly left over from the last time you ran CWBLOCK. This
ensures that all the new files that are written are accurate with the
files on your drive. CWBLOCK proceeds to read in your GTDIR.BBS file
and look at each file in each directory. Then, CWBLOCK writes a 0 byte
file to the upload directory you specified. CWBLOCK will skip the
directory you specify on the command line if it occurs in your GTDIR.BBS
file so that it won't rewrite the 0 byte files already written.

Use on networks
Since CWBLOCK is always reading and writing to the disk, and creating
new files in directories, CWBLOCK does not, and never will, work on a
LAN (Local area network). Please be sure all nodes are down before
using CWBLOCK.

This program is distributed for public use. Everyone is free to use
CWBLOCK providing they do not reverse engineer or tamper with the
executable file in any way. I, Cory Wright, or TRC Development is not
responsible for any damage, loss of data, loss of money, loss of time,
or loss of anything. Although the reputation of software from Cory
Wright and TRC Development is held in high regard due to their long
record of releasing only the finest programs, you use this software
at your own risk. Remember: Do not fold, spindle or mutilate me if
something goes wrong.....


Questions, comments and suggestions should be directed to:

Cory Wright
8726 Farmington Drive
Knoxville, TN 37923-1633

Postcards are welcome!

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