Dec 262017
A very nicely done chess game door that works with many BBS's.
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A very nicely done chess game door that works with many BBS’s.
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TCHESS 63 58 deflated
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TCHESS.DOC 25425 6828 deflated
TCHHELP 4307 1387 deflated
TCHTEXT 1646 791 deflated

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Contents of the READ.ME file


Turbo CHESS 3.00 has several improvements over previous versions. It
requires additional parameters in the TCH.CFG file and it takes different
command line arguments. It is no longer free. It requires different
support files. Because of these changes and enhancements, if you are
currently running an older version of Turbo CHESS, we suggest you install
Turbo CHESS from scratch. As there are many changes, incremental upgrading
of existing versions may result in many errors. Simply save your current
game files and install the new software. The game files are the files in
your Turbo CHESS directory entitled GCHESS01 through GCHESS30.

To upgrade from Turbo CHESS 3.01 from Turbo CHESS 3.00, copy the new
TCHESS.COM file and the new TCHTEXT file to your Turbo CHESS directory.

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