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Useful help/hint file for players of TradeWars 2002 BBS game.
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Useful help/hint file for players of TradeWars 2002 BBS game.
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Contents of the 2002HELP.DOC file

TradeWars 2002 HELP! v1.10
Written by Neal Tibrewala
Copyright (c) 1992
Support BBS, The Land of Krynn
(516) 626-2117

Hello Fellow Traders,
I designed this program mainly as a tool to help
me (and the fellow members of my corporation) with this magnificent
game. What does it do? Well, everything. First of all, it downloads
as much information as it can from your ship's computer about the area
that you have explored so far. This is done through a script file. I
use Qmodem (TM) to do this, but since many other communications programs
are in use I adapted the script for different languages. In this
version, included are: Qmodem, Telix, Procomm Plus, and Procomm. I
think this covers what many people use and I hope if suffices. If you
use another program, follow the directions in the file CIM-FMT.TXT to
download the needed information.

Then, the script makes two files that the program analyzes and
creates informative text files about. The workings of the scripts and
text files are described below.

Happy Trading, and may you not be blown up (again),

Neal Tibrewala

Working those damned scripts.


Copy the file CIM-QMOD.SCR into you SCRIPTS directory or you main Qmodem
directory if you don't have one. Load Qmodem. Call your favorite BBS
that has TradeWars 2002. Play the game exploring as much as possible.
When you are out of turns (or time) go into the (C)omputer by pressing
(C). THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT, if you don't go into the computer the script
WILL NOT WORK! Once in the Computer press ALT-F It will ask you for the
name of the script you wish to execute. Type CIM-QMOD and press ENTER.
If it finds it, it will then ask for parameters. Simply press Enter at
this prompt. If it didn't find the script, then try specifying a full
path to the script, and check to see that you copied it correctly. When
it has finished downloading the information, you will be back in the
computer. At that time either quit Qmodem or shell to DOS (ALT-R) to
insure that you have the files TW2002-I.CIM and TW2002-R.CIM If you do,
GREAT! If not try again, it DOES work.


Same instructions as Qmodem except ALT-G brings up the script prompt.
To which you type CIM-TELX. The shell to DOS command will also be


Same instructions as Qmodem except ALT-F5 brings up the command file
prompt and you must type cim-proc


In Procomm Plus ALT-F5 brings up the Command File prompt to which you


Running the program is simple, just run 2002help.exe in the same
directory that the newly created TW2002-?.CIM files are. It will
run asking you whether you want to create each file. You should say
yes the first time to everything. On fast machines this process takes
no time at all, and on a 4.77 MHz 8088 it took only 2 minutes.

Once you have created the text files, view them using your favorite
Word Processor or text viewer. The files are in standard ASCII so that
even if you wanted to change them over another computer you could.
If the program says your files are corrupt, you probably had line
noise during the download and you must either repair the file(s)
using the directions in CIM-FMT.TXT file, or download the files again.
If you have a different communication program then the CIM-FMT.TXT file
will show you how to download the information manually.

You can change the default extension from text to any other 3 letter
extension by starting the prgram like this: 2002HELP XXX
where XXX is the letters you want to use. For example, 2002HELP KRY
will create *.KRY instead of *.TXT


People usually say that "This program is not free" in this section.
Well, this program really is. BUT (and there is always a but) if
you register this program I might be inclined to offer you registered
versions of newer releases that may be crippled. Registration is
not a set fee, any sum will make me happy. If you would like a
copy of the latest registered version on disk, send me a self
adressed stamped envelope with $5 shipping and handling.

Currently in the works is another program for tradewars, an ONLINE
TERMINAL program that will, as you play, automatically update
its database. Image being able to access every bit of info instantly,
like "Where was that class 0?" or "Now that I have fighters where did
I see that Alien last?" or more importantly, "Where is the closest
class 1?" or "How many fighters/shields do I need to invade this planet"

Neal Tibrewala
P.O. Box 428
Old Westbury, NY 11568-0428
(USA) 🙂

I would like to thank Mr. Impossible for his valuable assistance in
debugging and suggesting improvements for this program. I encourage
you to do the same.

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