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Turbo Tape. BBS tape door for RemoteAccess and other boards.
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Turbo Tape. BBS tape door for RemoteAccess and other boards.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
AUTHORS.!!! 540 341 deflated
DORINFO1.DEF 105 94 deflated
FSORT.EXE 31970 19568 deflated
HISTORY.DOC 2868 1025 deflated
MENU.ANS 1822 395 deflated
MENU.ASC 840 184 deflated
ORDER.FRM 4224 753 deflated
PACKING.LST 946 450 deflated
RETAIN.DAT 24 24 stored
SCHEDULE.QUE 54 47 deflated
SECURITY.DAT 122 47 deflated
TITLE.ANS 1865 533 deflated
TITLE.ASC 1402 307 deflated
TODAY.LST 89 71 deflated
TT.DOC 43309 13503 deflated
TT.EXE 102166 48149 deflated
TTAPE.HLP 4142 1636 deflated
TTINST.EXE 73348 36405 deflated
TTMAINT.EXE 45824 25543 deflated
TTSCHED.CFG 458 127 deflated
TTSCHED.EXE 49566 25764 deflated
TURBO.LOG 1367 200 deflated
USER.DAT 415 224 deflated

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Contents of the HISTORY.DOC file

What's New in Release 1.99c?

o BUGFIX: Scheduler not updating properly in unregistered versions.
This has been corrected.

What's New in Release 1.99b?

o First public release.
o Turbo Tape completely rewritten (again...and infinitum)
o Colorized FILES.BBS Listings with support for multiple-line
descriptions and comments.
o File Queue Edit Facility now in place.
o Enhanced File Checking Facilities.
o Menu-driven Installation and Configuration System.
o Got rid of those pesky AREAx.TXT files used in prior beta releases.
o Security System Added.
- Define custom Access Levels
- Limit EACH Access Level for On-the-fly Restores
- Minimum Access Level for Each File Area
- Global Tag Limit
- Each Access Level can have DIFFERENT Tag Limits
o Each File Area can have it's OWN restore area!
o Corrected the VOLUME field to allow for 8 character Volume Names.
o Registration Module now in place for the public release.
o Turbo Tape now works with most major BBS types.
o Free utilities available to registered users!
- TFREQ - Provides offline file requests in fidonet style networks!
- DIRPARSE - Create FILES.BBS listings quick and easy!
o Finally, REAL documentation!
o Tons of cosmetic changes and code revamping.

What's New in Release 1.6b?

o Security System implemented to limit scheduled restores.
o Added File (T)agging in the BROWSE function.
o Added (C)ontinuous option to the MORE prompt in the BROWSE function.
o Fixed bug in the PATH TO LASTUSER.BBS command line switch.
o Killed a BIG bug!! Turbo Tape would only run on the C Drive!!!
o Added ANSI/ASCII support for custom screens.
o Improved carrier monitoring routines
o Included sample DORINFO1.DEF file for local mode testing.
o Improved Documentation.
o Made several cosmetic changes.

What's New in Release 1.5b?

o First private beta release.
o Sysop configureable for various tape drives.
o Added DESQview Support.

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