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For WILDCAT! BBS Sysops. Generate a list of all files available for downloading on your system (2.x). File areas can be excluded.
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For WILDCAT! BBS Sysops. Generate a list of all files available for downloading on your system (2.x). File areas can be excluded.
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Contents of the FILELIST.DOC file

FILELIST 3.0 (c) 1991, Clyde W. Grotophorst, GMUtant Software

FILELIST isn't exactly public domain, but there's no registration fee and
you are free to use, copy and/or distribute the program...

Files included in FLIST30.ZIP:

FILELIST.EXE - the program
FILELIST.DOC - this file

If you're like me, the first thing you do is unzip a program, check for a
readme or doc file, run the thing, note whether or not it works, then
much later read the documentation...with that in mind, here's sort of
a combination README and DOC file rolled into one--brief and to the

Basically, FILELIST reads your CONFIGWC.BBS file to find out how many
file areas you have, what they're called, and where they're located in
your system. Then it reads your FILESPEC.DAT database of file information
and compiles a report. The report first lists all the areas on your system
then for each area, a list of files follows. The list is sorted by file
name, reporting the Size of the file, number of times it has been downloaded,
and an abbreviated description. You can EXCLUDE file areas from the report
if you wish. Files marked for deletion and those requiring a password ARE
NOT included in the report.

Here's an excerpt of the report FILELIST created for my 2.55S system:


GMUtant OnLine BBS
Sysop: Waldo Grotophorst
report created: 03/13/91

File Areas Maintained on the System

A DOS and other utilities B Communications software
C Database Applications D dBASE/Clipper/DBMS related
E Info-Sci/Library Applications F Turbo Pascal (4/5.0/5.5/6.0)
G Programming (other languages) H Text/Word Processing / Editors
I Text and Data files J Archiving support (ZIP etc)
L Baseball related files M Misc (Graphics/Astronomy/etc)
N WILDCAT! BBS files O VADOX (Virginia State Docs)
P Spreadsheet/Math/Statistics Q WordPerfect files (5.0/5.1)
R Printer Utilities S Recent Uploads (Untested!)
T Disk Utilities U DesqView / Windows / etc.
V Video/Display Utilities W Demo programs
X GMUtant Software Products Y Personal Productivity Items

Area [A] :: DOS and other utilities
Filename Size DLs File Description (abbreviated)
387.ZIP 25K 12 Excellent 80387 software emulator.
3DMENU.ZIP 35K 15 3d menu creation program
4D302DOC.ZIP 124K 6 4DOS v3.02 Documentation.
4DOS302.ZIP 238K 7 4DOS v3.02 Program files.
ADDKEYS.ZIP 3K 9 Utilize the F11 and F12 keys.

and so on...

At the end of the report, these stats appear:

Total Number of Files Available for Downloading: 1254
Total Number of Downloads From this List: 12185
Total Number of Bytes Available for Downloading: 89868374

How to run FILELIST 3.0?

1. Copy FILELIST.EXE to wherever your CONFIGWC.BBS file is located.
2. Type FILELIST at the DOS prompt.
3. Answer the first prompt you receive with a number (FILELIST will
use this to construct your ASCII text output file. If you
enter 7, FILELIST will create BULL7.BBS as the output file.
4. Decide whether you want to exclude any FILE AREAS from the report. If
so, enter the LETTER of the FILE AREA at the prompt.
5. That's it...FILELIST runs and creates the ASCII file then exits
to DOS.

FILELIST 3.0 is DESQview aware...that is it will direct screen writes
to the virtual screen supplied by DESQview if DV is running.

FILELIST 3.0 can be run as an event...the batch file syntax is:

FILELIST n ABC {return} - where n is the number of the BULLn.BBS file
to create and ABC are three file areas to
exclude. If you don't wish to exclude
any areas, just enter the single argument
for the bulletin number.

FileList may be copied, used and distributed freely. If you would like
the Turbo Pascal source, please send $ 10.00 to:

Clyde W. Grotophorst
Route 1, Box 296
Hamilton, Virginia 22068

You will then be given the password necessary to download a copy of the
source from the GMUtant OnLine BBS (703) 323-3100-- where WILDCAT! 2.55S
is running. There are other GMUtant WildCat! utilities on the board
that might interest WildCat! sysops.

Note that on June 23, 1991, the number for the BBS will change. The new
number will be 703-993-2219.

# end of file #

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