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Sysop utility that tests newly uploaded files.
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Sysop utility that tests newly uploaded files.
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Contents of the AUTOSCAN.DOC file

I needed a quick and easy way of checking my Recent Upload Files Area
for viruses on my BBS. I wasn't happy with the "shells" that were
available so I decided to write my own...AUTOSCAN...

AUTOSCAN was written to work with the McAffee SCAN program.
(SCAN.EXE is Copyrighted by the McAfee Associates, Please register this
fine product if you haven't yet!).

The way it works is real simple, all it does is un-archive any ZIP,ARC
ICE,LZH or PAK files into a work directory, then uses SCAN.EXE to
to scan it. If all goes well and no viruses are found it deletes all
the "work" files and then moves onto the next file and repeats the

To get going is real simple, copy AUTOSCAN.EXE into a directory off
the path statement (Like the DOS directory) and then change to the
directory you wish to scan. All you have to do is type AUTOSCAN.
AUTOSCAN will then look through the Current Directory for ZIP, ARC,
ICE , PAK, and LZH files, un-archive them and scan them, if all goes
well it will proceed onto the next file. In order for everything to
work all the un-archivers should be within reach upon the currect path,
If any of the un-archivers are not found that section will not exectute,
you don't need them all to run AUTOSCAN, however if SCAN.EXE is not
located the program will halt.

Note: If PKUNPAK.EXE or LHARC.EXE isn't found AUTOSCAN will look for
PKXARC and ICE respectivly.

AUTOSCAN will keep a detailed log of it's activities in the same
directory that contains AUTOSCAN.EXE, it will be named AUTOSCAN.LOG, if it
already exists new information will be appended to it.

~~~~ ~~
Ok you say, what if there is an archive within an archive ?..NO PROB!
AUTOSCAN will detect if there are any archives within archives - to any
level and any combination of archive types, if an error is located in a
"sub archive" that name is placed in the log along with the "parant archive"
name and what the error was, Virus or bad archive.

~~~~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~~~~
If you wish to have your Hardrive scanned as well put a /S at the
on the command line: AUTOSCAN /S.
Drives C: through H: will be scanned if they exist. Only EXE,COM and OVL
files will be checked.

When AUTOSCAN finishes it sounds a two tone bell a few times, or in the
case of a VIRUS, many times! If you wish to run it in the QUIET MODE put
a /Q on the command line: AUTOSCAN /Q.
this will shut it up..

See check.doc on this one.

/N * - Registered Version.
This will instruct AUTOSCAN to check for Bad Archives ONLY, only use this
option if you are sure the file is free of Virus's.

/A * - Registered Version.
This will instruct AUTOSCAN to examine ALL archives on ALL drives, the
granddaddy option!.. Only use this if you have all day to let it run..
This option will be available soon.

Any of the above option can be used in any order and any combination.

~~~~ ~~~ ~~~~~~~~
For help on the fly type AUTOSCAN ? and it will display some information
about itself.

In order for AUTOSCAN to detect all known Virus's you must keep your
version of SCAN.EXE as current as possible, AUTOSCAN is only as good
as the Scanner it uses. SCAN.EXE can be found on most good Bulletin
Boards in your area.

If AUTOSCAN comes across a bad Archive or a Virus that file will be
renamed to "filename".BAD and make a note in the log indicating which
file is SUSPECT of being bad. If a file is flagged as being bad you
might want to examine it manually to see why.

~~~ ~ ~~~~~
While AUTOSCAN is running the pressing of F10 will cause AUTOSCAN to
abort the current session. AUTOSCAN will only stop once the current file
has been finished and the work files all deleted. Please be patient!.
AUTOSCAN will report on the current status of it's operation and
further runnings of AUTOSCAN will just pick up where it left off.
AUTOSCAN will exit on an ERRORLEVEL of 0 in this case.

Once AUTOSCAN has completed its operations it will update a file called
AUTOSCAN.DAT, this file contains a list of files that have already been
scanned. This makes it possible to run AUTOSCAN after each user has
logged off my board, if any new files were uploaded they get scanned right
away and removed from circulation if needed.

Each time AUTOSCAN starts up it checks it's own size, if it has changed
any AUTOSCAN will terminated with a nasty message..AUTOSCAN will also
check disk space each time it starts up, if the amount of disk space left
is less than 150% of the archive size AUTOSCAN will exit on a ErrorLevel 1.

AUTOSCAN will exit on one of 5 DOS ErrorLevels..

ErrorLevel 0 - New Files found and processed.
ErrorLevel 1 - SCAN.EXE missing / No Disk Space /
AUTOSCAN.EXE infected / File Error.
Errorlevel 2 - No New Files.
ErrorLevel 3 - Bad Archive, Renamed to .BAD.
ErrorLevel 4 - VIRUS, Renamed to .BAD.

~~~~ ~~
AUTOSCAN is written in Turbo Pascal 6.0 and some routines are from
the TechnoJock Turbo Toolkit V5.0 (excellent package if your a TP 4/5/6
programmer)... Oh yea, and AUTOSCAN was written by me Nick Tucker.
I can be reached at \/elocity - 908-781-1776, FidoNet 1:269/402 case
you have any questions or comments.

AUTOSCAN uses many "outside" programs, without which AUTOSCAN would not
function. Please show your appreciation and register these fine programs.

~~~~ ~~
Ok you say, if AUTOSCAN does report than SCAN.EXE found a Virus, what
do I do????...Easy Either contact McAfee Associates and they can guide
you through getting rid of the Virus, or you can run SCAN.EXE manually
with a /D on the command line..SCAN /D, this will delete any file found
with a virus. The key to Virus protection is that ugly word called
BACKUP! Always backup any critical files that you may have.

~~~ ~~~~
There is a registration fee of $10.00 US dollars which will entitle you
to the next version of AUTOSCAN. See REGIST.DOC for more details.

Thank you to everyone who helped out with the nasty task of debugging
this thing...THANKS!

This program can and should be distributed freely, no charge should be
associated with it in anyway. If you run this program you assume all
liabilities and I shall not be held responsible for any damages that
result from its use/missuse...I have strived to make it as error free
as I can..

Enjoy it!
Nick Tucker....

January 27, 1991

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