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Name that Tune BBS door game.
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Name that Tune BBS door game.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
HISTORY.DOC 783 415 deflated
LANSRAAD.DIS 771 349 deflated
SONGDATA.DAT 3298 1239 deflated
SONGS 86 67 deflated
SONGS.CFG 64 62 deflated
SONGS.DOC 13121 3564 deflated
SONGS.EXE 55654 51620 deflated

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Contents of the HISTORY.DOC file

Name that Tune

1.0 --- First Beta copy being tested on selected BBS's
Many screens writes corrected and one calculation routine fixed.

1.1 --- Optimized code to speed it up

1.2 --- Added some sub-menu commands

1.3 --- Changed the High Score Bulletin to a Current Score Bulletin

1.4 --- One routine crashed door if file was present.. fixed it

1.5 --- Removed some of opening screen.. too slow for 2400 modems

1.6 --- Recompiled with newer version of door kit

1.7 --- Official first wide release

1.8 --- Fixed error where if you didn't view your score before existing
the bulletin didn't upgrade your score..

1.9 --- Corrected some spelling mistakes and shorten some routines

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