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Converts a DOS directory into RBBS FMS format.
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Converts a DOS directory into RBBS FMS format.
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Contents of the DIR2FMS.DOC file


Documentation for DIR2FMS Software
Written by William E. Davidson IV
V .01 Compiled on March 15, 1994

Dir2Fms takes a redirected DOS directory listing and converts it
to RBBS FMS format. Supports up to 200 files at a time. Also allows
usage of the Cellar Door Mods' Addtimes feature.

Make a file of the files you want to add to your BBS files listing
by the following means or something similiar:


Run Dir2Fms:

Dir2Fms [Config File]

Where [Config File] is the name of the configuration file in the
following format: ( a sample is included )

The first line is the redirected DOS directory
The second line is the Output file
Third line is 1 to use today's date for files 0 to use original date
The fourth line is as follows:
1 for usage of the Addtimes Mod
0 for no usage of the Addtimes Mod
Fifth line: Default catagory code (UPL, etc..)
Sixth line: Description length

As such:


That's it. Easy as pie.

Note: Dir2Fms overwrites the output file if one exists, so DO NOT SPECIFY
your FMS directory as the OUTPUT DIRECTORY!!

------------------------ LICENSE AGREEMENT -----------------------------

Dir2Fms.EXE is licensed for a free 15 day trial period. If you find this
software useful please register it!

Registration costs are as follows:
$10 (non-commercial)

$20 (commercial)

A commercial site is defined as a business or individual using DIR2FMS as part
of his/her business activities.

To Register send check for amount of registration + $5 (S/H and cost of
materials) to:

William Davidson
Towson State University
P.O. Box 1264
Towson, Md. 21204


You will receive in return:

(1) Mailed (Latest Version) Registered copy of Dir2Fms
(1) Mailed Major upgrade copy (V 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, etc.)
(unlimited) Upgrades via modem, details included in mail back.
(1) Clear conscious

The executable, DIR2FMS.EXE and the included documentation may not be changed
or modified in any way except by the author. Dir2Fms may be freely distributed
for the fifteen day trial period as long as it remains in its complete form.
Regardless of how the copy is obtained, it is requested that all users comply
with the licensing agreement.

All files included in the original archive must be included!

All warranties are disclaimed, including damage to hardware and/or software from
use of this product. In no event will I be liable to you for any damages,
including lost profits, lost savings or other incidental or consequential
damages arising out of your use or inability to use the program, or any other
claim by any other party.

Any suggestions or comments should be mailed directly to me.

-------------------- VERSION HISTORY OF THIS SOFTWARE ---------------------

History of Dir2Fms

Dir2Fms V .01
First Release of Dir2Fms
Possible "hang up" bug with OS/2, not duplicated running
under DOS. The bug is non terminal and non-damaging.
QUITE limited in features.
NOTE: So far the OS/2 bug is just that, a bug, a pain in the
butt, just a pause around the 14th file, no more.
BTW, this program MAY only work well with DOS 6.x. Haven't
tried it with other versions! (DOS 6 has that new comma
delminated file size.)

In the works?:
Dir2Fms V 1.0
Full wildcard support instead of using the redirected DOS
directory. Support of RBBS-PC.def and the directory
definition files. HOPEFULLY that OS/2 bug fixed!
Whatever else I can pull out.

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