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Request v1.1 - First Official Release. Compatible with any BBS that can output CHAIN.TXT as an output file. The finest file request door currently out. Shareware, uploaded by author.
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Request v1.1 – First Official Release. Compatible with any BBS that can output CHAIN.TXT as an output file. The finest file request door currently out. Shareware, uploaded by author.
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Contents of the REQUEST.DOC file

Request v1.1
Copyright 1991 by Jason Gabinet

Compiled Using DOORDRIVER v3.00 (06/21/90) for Turbo Pascal

General Thoughts
Do you have a large amount of files offline? Is most of the mail you get
from other users asking you to put something offline online so they can
download it? If you answered YES to the two above questions, then I think you
will find Request very helpful. Since I saw many sysops with the same problem
descibed above, I sat down and made a request door to end their problems.
And Request was born. Thank you for giving Request v1.1 a try.

NOTE: Request comes with REQUEST.CFG. Do not alter this file by
any means! Upon running Request, it writes REQUEST.DAT to disk.
This file contains the requests info. Deleting this file will cause
all requests to be lost. Both REQUEST.CFG and REQUEST.DAT along with
CHAIN.TXT (when it is written as the output file) must remain in the
same directory as REQUEST.EXE or when run, it will exit back to dos,
or halt up with an error!

Currently, is only compatable with WWIV and other bulliten
board software that that can write CHAIN.TXT as an output file before
running the actual door. I am soon hoping to make versions available
for other bulliten board systems but right now I am just worrying about
WWIV, since that is what most people use now-a-days.

Just unzip the files to you BBS directory, add it as a command on your
bulliten board system and let 'er rip. Its that simple.

Loading Request has an optional parameter. This parameter allows you
to set what SL the user must have to delete requests. The default is
255 (full sysop power). When a user runs Request, it checks the user' SL
level. If the user's SL is greather than or equal to the parameter you
specified, it allows the user to remove requests.


request.exe 200

This allows users with a SL level of 200 or greater to delete requests.

Once you have loaded up Request, the commands from inside are
self-explanatory. They are:

A - Add a Request. This allows a user to enter a new request.
The user will then enter the Short Description and three
lines for the Long Description. If less than 3 lines are
needed, just CR until you reach the prompt. Then choose
whether you wish to save the request.

V - View a Request. This allows the user to view the request
of choice and see the description, who requested it, and
when it was requested. This can be especially helpful to
sysops. They can look at the request date and know if
it has been on the list too long.

R - Remove a Request. Be Careful! Giving this option to
all users can lead to disaster. It gives the option
of deleting a request (See Setup!). This is helpful for
sysops, letting them delete old requests or removing requests
that have been answered.

U/D - PageUp/Page Down. Registered version only. Allows user
to scroll between first and second page of requests. Page #1
contains requests #1-15 and page #2, requests #16-30.

Q - Quit back to BBS. This one is pretty self explanitory. This
saves the current File Requests and then exits back to the

The unregistered version of Request allows up to five requests.
Registering Request allows up to two pages of requests (30 requests).
I encourage you to register Request with the author if you find it
useful on your BBS. Registration fee is $10.00 and when it is recieved,
you will promptly be sent a postcard telling you how to register along
with your own personal registration number. Registration can be mailed
to the following address.

Jason Gabinet
716 MacPhail Court North
Bel Air, MD 21014

Please make all checks/money orders payable to Jason Gabinet. Please
do not send cash! If you need to get in touch with the author of Request,
you can do so by either writing to the above address or calling the
Request Support BBS:

The Digital Underground
2400/1200 bps
Phone: (301)273-6672

Other Notes
Well to bore you for a while, I thought that Request was never going
to make it but with the help of many people, it did work out just fine.
Special thanks to:

Brian Bernacki: Without this guy and his countless hours of Beta Testing,
Request v1.0 wouldn't have made it. Thanks for both the idea and time

The Users at The Digital Underground: Thanks everybody (esp. Smasher) for
Beta Testing it to work out the kinks.

DoorDriver v3.00: Without this, Request would just be another file
cluttering up my Hard Disk. This was my light at the end of the tunnel,
and for that I am very greatful!

Anybody Else: People who gave me many solutions to getting this darn thing
working. Thanks alot for the suggestions and comments.

Look to the future for more releases of Request. Hopefully, I can expand
what BBSs are compatible with Request. Please, if you have any comments or
complaints, call the support BBS or write me. The more feedback, the better
Request can become. Enjoy!

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