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Disarm Time Bomb Door for Searchlight BBSs .
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Disarm Time Bomb Door for Searchlight BBSs .
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Contents of the DISARM.DOC file



Disarm the Bomb is a very simple game. You have to disarm a bomb, but if
you cut the wires in the wrong order the bomb explodes. If the user cuts the
wires in the wrong order and the board explodes, the modem will hang up on them
after telling them it was the result of the explosion. This is accomplished by
dropping DTR on the COM port, and now works with COM1-4, and will work with
custom COM port addresses in Version 1.75.
This program is very easy to install, and easy to maintain (totally
automated maintenance is offered if you register). First you need to copy all
of Disarm's files to a directory on you hard drive. You will now need to create
a Disarm.Cfg in the same directory that you put all the other Disarm files.
The syntax for the file is as follows.

Line 1:BBS Name
Line 2:Number of wires running to bomb
Line 3:Wire to cut first
Line 4:Wire to cut next...
Etc, etc.

You must list out all your wires in the order that they are to be cut
in or Disarm will not run. An example of a Disarm.Cfg file:

Magic Eye

Very simple! Version change note: You now need to precede your BBS name
with 'The' if you want it to be displayed with 'The' preceding it. You still
do not have to include 'BBS' after it. Now all that is left is to install
Disarm in your Doors.Def file. The Syntax is as follows:

Version change note: Doors command line has changed!

1;0;1;xx;Disarm the Bomb !;xx;disarm.exe %M %P %G %U
^ ^ ^ ^ ^
^ ^ ^
^ ^ ^The directory you installed Disarm in.
^ ^Minimum access required to use the door.
^Disarm requires Searchlight communication driving AND carrier checking.

Now you should test the door. Note: Disarm's numbers will stay the same
after a user guesses them correctly, so the file should be changed regularly.
Version change note: The unregistered version now only allows up to 5 wires.


Well, now comes the not-so-fun part.
Disarm the Bomb is NOT freeware. You may use it for a trial period (30
days) and if you like it, you should register it by using the form found in
DISARM.REG. Upon registration you will recieve a disk containing DISARM.ZIP.
The disk will contain a new DISARM.CFG file, a special set of documentation on
the new features, and your own special regristration number.

Registered features:

More than 5 wires,
List of who has saved the BBS,
Self changing wire combinations,
Free updates.


The author of this program, Evan Anderson, takes NO responsibility for
any damages caused by the use or MISuse of this program. I, the author, hereby
state that there are no undocumented features in the above mentioned program,
although the registered features were not covered here, they are dosumented.

Evan Anderson, 08/14/91

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