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Convert .REP files into individual text files. Freeware.

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REP2TXT v1.00 - Convert .REP file into
individual text files. Freeware.

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Convert .REP files into individual text files. Freeware.
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Contents of the R2T.DOC file

REP2TXT V1.00 Copyright (c) 1994 Copy Con Incorporated Page 1

REP2TXT breaks .REP files into individual text files, one for each
reply. Why, do you ask? Because someone asked my to write it after not
being able to find a program that would do this.

REP2TXT runs under DOS 3.0 or better, and calls various file
unarchivers; REP2TXT can process ZIP, ARJ, LZH, ARC/PAK, and ZOO
archive types. You won't necessarily need every unarchive program
listed in R2T.CFG; if your QWK reader uses external programs, then you
already have the ones that you need. If the programs are not in your
path, or if you use programs other than those listed in R2T.CFG (like
NoGate's PAK or SEA's ARC), then you will also need an ASCII text
editor to edit R2T.CFG.

REP2TXT is distributed on an "AS IS" basis without warranty, expressed

or implied. Considerable testing effort has been expended, but the
user is advised to check the program's suitability before relying on
it. The user assumes full risk as to the results of using this
program. In no event shall the author be liable for any incidental or
consequential damages arising from the use, or inability to use this

REP2TXT is freeware. The author (rd thomas) can be reached at:

Internet: [email protected]
Rime: node ->1520 or ->837, shareware conference
Fido: shareware conference
BBS: Programmer's Corner (301-596-7692 or 410-995-6873)
Snail mail: po box 23255, baltimore md 21203-5255

REP2TXT V1.00 Copyright (c) 1994 Copy Con Incorporated Page 2

To install, copy both R2T.EXE and R2T.CFG into your path. If your
unarchivers are not in your path, or if you use programs other than
those listed in R2T.CFG (like NoGate's PAK or SEA's ARC), then you
will need to edit R2T.CFG with any ASCII text editor.

R2T.CFG contains the locations and command line options of your file
unarchivers. A typical line in R2T.CFG would look like:


Each config line can be broken into parts; using the example above:

UNLZH = Operation being performed. Operations are UNZIP,
UNARJ, UNLZH, UNARC, and UNZOO. Not every operation
needs to be specified in R2T.CFG.

C:\ARCHIVES\ Program location. If no location is specified, R2T
will search your path for the program.

LHARC.EXE Unarchive program name. If a program location has
been specified, the program name must directly follow
the program location, as in the example above.

x Program options. Although the rest of the config line
is not case-sensitive, some unarchive programs use
case-sensitive options, so this part of the config
line will be sent exactly as is.

!A Will be replaced with the .REP archive name.

!F Will be replaced with the .MSG file name.

After making all desired changes, save R2T.CFG in ASCII format, in the
same directory that R2T.EXE is in.

Simple. R2T is activated from the command line, using the format

R2T filename

where filename is the .REP file. If the .REP extension is not
specified, it will be added automagically.

If everything is set up correctly and you have enough disk space,
one file for each reply in the .REP file will be created.
Filenames will be in the form of MSG_nnnn.TXT, where nnnn is the
message number. The MSG_*.TXT files will overwrite any file with
the same name in the same directory, so be careful.

That's all, folks.

REP2TXT V1.00 Copyright (c) 1994 Copy Con Incorporated Page 3

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Filename: KWS14*.*

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