Dec 172017
Virus Farm Online BBS Door.
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Virus Farm Online BBS Door.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
ABANDON.TXT 3072 1303 deflated
ACCIDENT.TXT 2413 1142 deflated
AUTO.TXT 24 24 stored
BEDTIME.TXT 4057 2037 deflated
C.TXT 3803 1941 deflated
CARTOON.TXT 5979 2643 deflated
CHEMFEM.TXT 2056 1007 deflated
CONF.TXT 10 10 stored
CUCUMBER.TXT 1536 596 deflated
DEVIL.TXT 3190 1557 deflated
HINTS.TXT 1269 643 deflated
HISTORY.TXT 6231 2673 deflated
LECTRIC.TXT 4364 2113 deflated
NOTICE.TXT 3445 1205 deflated
PLANG.TXT 2446 1023 deflated
README.TXT 650 386 deflated
RESIGN.TXT 72 59 deflated
RULE.TXT 1175 499 deflated
SYSOP.VIR 15 15 stored
THISGAME.TXT 2733 1269 deflated
VF-DOS.TXT 2820 1179 deflated
VFARM.DOC 6629 2889 deflated
VIR.EXE 97376 38044 deflated

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Contents of the README.TXT file

Here are some tips to get you going...

you can TYPE any TXT file you see, and an occasional DOC file
(like THISGAME.DOC, for instance).

Look for the following files in particular:

You can type HELP for alist of commands..

At the beginning of the game, the notable commands you can use are:

Some programs are runable (like MDIR.COM, for instance).

Seek out the DOCS directory, it's chock-full of readable text.

The right-most column of numbers in a DIR command is the point-value
of each file.

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