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GWTerm is a special terminal program/graphics driver for use with the Global War BBS door game.
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GWTerm is a special terminal program/graphics driver for use with the Global War BBS door game.
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Contents of the GWTERM.DOC file

GWTerm version 2.5
by Joel Bergen & Gary Gordon
ProVision BBS 206-353-6966 & 206-353-2494 Fido 1:343/65
5228 89th St SW
Mukilteo, WA 98275


This software and documentation is public domain. It may be freely
distributed and/or modified to your heart's content. All I ask is that if you
do come up with an enhanced version of this software, please:

. Add YOUR name somewhere as the guy to contact for support.
. Please give credit to Joel Bergen and Gary Gordon somewhere.
. Upload your enhanced version to ProVision BBS so that others may obtain
your program. (see phone numbers above).

Donations are not required, but are very much appreciated. If you enjoy
Global War and GWTerm, and would like to see more enhancements, additional
door games & utilities from us, please consider sending a donation (any amount)
to the above address. Surely it's worth $1 or $5 (or more) not to have to
watch those stupid maps print out at 1200 or 2400 baud! Your donation will be
used to purchase the desperately needed pizza and beer that keeps us going.
It's a very worthy cause.

Now with that out of the way, what the heck is GWTerm anyway?

GWTerm description:
GWTerm is a special terminal program/graphics driver for use with the
Global War BBS doorgame. GWTerm will print maps instantly on your screen.
GWTerm accomplishes this by storing all the Global War maps in a data file.
Global War will send out special codes that cause GWTerm to read this data
file and display the appropriate map on your screen. This all happens
instantly instead of at your current baud rate. Another advantage is that
the maps are much more detailed. By using GWTerm you will be able to
take your turns in Global War much more quickly and enjoy much better
looking maps.

Another advantage of using GWTerm is mouse support. If you have a MicroSoft
(or compatible) mouse, you may use it to select items off the menus, and
to select countries.

GWTerm was written to be executed from your favorite terminal program.
GWTerm does not replace your terminal program, it supplements it.
Typically, you will tell your terminal program to shell to DOS and execute
GWTerm anytime BEFORE you actually enter the Global War door game. When
you finish playing Global War, GWTerm will automatically exit back to your
terminal program.

GWTerm command line:
GWTERM ComPort BaudRate [COLOR] [MONO] [AQ-] [HFC-]
ComPort = 1-4
Baudrate = 110 - 57600 (38440 for FOSSIL Version)
COLOR = force use of WAR.CLR
MONO = force use of WAR.MON
AQ- = Auto-Quit Off
HFC- = Hardware Flow Control Off

GWTerm DESQview support:
GWTerm is DESQview aware and will automatically make the appropriate
adjustments to its operation.

GWTerm FOSSIL support:
GWTERMF.EXE is the FOSSIL version of the program. To use it you must have
previously installed a FOSSIL driver.


GWTerm 2.5 comes with 2 map data files; WAR.CLR and WAR.MON. WAR.CLR is for
color monitors. WAR.MON is for monochrome (ie Hercules) monitors.

(ie DEL WAR.MON if you have a color monitor, or DEL WAR.CLR if you have a
monochrome monitor. While you're at it, delete WAR.IMG if you are upgrading
from GWTerm version 1.x).

Installing GWTerm with TELIX:
If you have access to AutoPlay (a Telix script file that automatically loads
GWTerm - written by Geoff Shepherd) by all means use it! If not, follow
these instructions instead:

Put GWT.BAT, WAR.CLR (or WAR.MON) and GWTERM.EXE in your TELIX subdirectory,
or in any subdirectory listed in your PATH statement.

Edit GWT.BAT. It looks like this:


The "1" is the comm port that your modem is using. If your modem is on
COM2, change it to a 2. GWTerm supports COM1, COM2, COM3 & COM4.

Next we're going to install GWTerm as an external protocol.

You could also install GWTerm as your external editor if you prefer.

Hit Alt-O
Hit P
Pick A if it's open, or the next available slot.
Give TELIX the following info:

Protocol Upload Download Bat or DL
Key Name Filename Filename Script Name
---- -------- --------- --------- -------- ----
W GWTerm GWT GWT Batch N

Now exit and Write this setup to disk.

Now, to use it, run TELIX as usual and dial the BBS. Log onto the BBS,
post a lot of messages and upload several files. Now you're ready to play
Global War. JUST BEFORE you are ready to play Global War, hit either
PageUp or PageDn then select GWTerm off the menu. Then start Global War.
You'll notice a slight increase in how fast the maps draw. When you
exit Global War, you will be automatically exited back into Telix, or you
can force an exit from GWTerm by hitting Alt-X if you need to. REMEMBER:
GWTerm MUST be executed BEFORE you start Global War, or it won't work.


Installing GWTerm with ProComm Plus:
Written by Tim Krahling/SysOp The Airport RBBS 301-675-7626

Edit GWT.BAT as previously described.

Put GWT.BAT, WAR.CLR (or WAR.MON) and GWTERM.EXE in your ProComm Plus

Load ProComm Plus, from the terminal screen, select ALT-S (setup), select
file/path options. At the bottom of the list, you will see, User Hot Key
options, F and G. Note the User Hot Key corresponding to the option (F or
G) that you select. F = ALT-J G = ALT-U.

Select either one using the F or G key, type in GWT and hit ENTER. Hit
escape to return to the Setup Utility Main Menu than select S (Save Setup
Options). Now you're ready to call the BBS and play Global War like you've
never seen it before!!!

Follow the same procedure as above, including posting lots of messages and
uploading several files . Just before you are ready to play Global
War, press and hold down the ALT key and hit either the J or U key
(whichever one you selected from File/Path Options).

Once GWTerm has loaded, you can enter the Global War door from the (D)oors
menu as you normally would. When you (Q)uit Global War, GWTERM will "kick"
you back to ProComm Plus. If it doesn't or to prematurely exit GWTERM,
press and hold down the ALT key and press X key, ALT-X.



INSTALLING GWTerm with Qmodem:
Written by Carlos Marcello/Contact at Demon's Abode 215/343/6878

Edit GWT.BAT as stated above for Telix. After this has been
accomplished you should copy GWT.BAT, WAR.CLR (or WAR.MON), and GWTERM.EXE
into you Qmodem subdirectory.

Now start up your Qmodem, when this is done loading you should
press ALT-N to get into the setup menu. Next we want to hit the P and
get into the Protocols menu, find an empty protocol slot. Now go to the
empty slot and edit it, where it asks you to select a character, choose
a character that is not already in use. For the Upload and Download BAT
files, we shall use GWT.BAT for both. The filename prompt should be
kept at N as we won't be needing this.

Alright, we're all done and ready to play Global War! Now
before you start to play the game, you MUST load it by pressing PAGE
DOWN or PAGE UP before you start playing the game. This is important as
it will not work unless it is started beforehand. When you are done
with play you will be put back into terminal mode.

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