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Door program for BBS's to perform DOS functions. Superb!.
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Door program for BBS’s to perform DOS functions. Superb!.
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Contents of the READ.ME file

REMDoor is designed to allow sysops to perform
maintenance on their boards remotely without the
problems associated with running CTTY and COMMAND.COM.
REMDoor presents the remote sysop with a DOS shell
which supports most COMMAND.COM functions. REMDoor
echoes all output to both the local screen and the
remote screen and accepts keystrokes from either the
local or remote keyboard. REMDoor monitors the Carrier
Detect signal from the modem and will return to the BBS
immediately upon loss of carrier. In addition, all
file operations are checked for possible SHARE
violations before being performed so REMDoor is fully
compatible with multitasking and networked BBS's.

REMDoor can be used to access your PC remotely even if
you are not running a bulletin board. For example,
REMDoor could be set up to allow after hours access to
an office PC.

Version History

Date Version Comments

12/14/88 1.0 First public release

3/13/89 2.0 Added a number of new features
including the ability to run
DOS programs from REMDoor.
See the documentation for
additional information on new

3/16/89 2.01 Corrected a bug in ARCV and ZIPV
which had been lurking in there
for a long time and finally decided
to bite.

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