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ANSI Color file maker for use with GT Power Host Mode.
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ANSI Color file maker for use with GT Power Host Mode.
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ANSI Color file maker for use with
GT Power Host Mode

This program provided courtesy of:
The Shack BBS
Rochester, NY
(716) 427-8423

Written by: Mike Ward, 03-23-88
Public Domain Material

CBSMaker is a quick and dirty way to make FILES.CBS and ALLFILES.CBS in
each of your file directories. Essentially, it reads in the existing
FILES.BBS and ALLFILES.BBS files in your directories, and prints them
back out to new files with the .CBS extension, including ANSI colors.

It follows the format created by Jim Davis's JDCTL for the FILES.BBS,
and the format of ALLFILES.BBS created by BBSFILE, by Rusty Stone. Users
may also designate up to 10 additional filenames to be colorized.

A default color file (CBSMAKER.CNF) has been included to allow the user
to colorize files with no additional setup. However, this file may be
deleted, and its absence will bring up a setup menu the first time
CBSMAKER is run. Any legal color combination may be selected for both
foreground and background. This setup menu also prompts for the
additional filenames for colorizing.

Normally, headings and text lines are printed in bright white, filenames
in red, sizes in green, dates in blue, and descriptions in yellow. A
column of flashing bright white between the file size and date columns
allows the sysop to put in a character to indicate "OFFLINE".

CBSMAKER.CNF is a simple ASCII file, and may be edited to include any
filenames desired without reinitializing. Note: use filenames only, no
extensions. CBSMAKER assumes the extension .BBS on your files.

CBSMAKER expects you to have the "SET GTPATH=" parameter included in
your environment, and if you don't it will expect you to have the
GTDIR.BBS file in the C:\GT directory.

I use the following batch file as a part of my AUTOEXEC.BAT file, and
also as a door that I can call remotely if I need to.

CD \

Of course, not all systems have a separate drive for uploads, but in
that case, you would just leave out the part about drive D:. SWEEP is
public domain utility in the PROGCOM archive provided by the publishers
of PC magazine. Since CBSMAKER reads in the existing ASCII files, file
size is not a consideration.

Please feel free to pass this on to any other sysop. Thanks to Paul,
Jim, Rusty, and all of the others who have contributed their work to
help us out with smoother BBS operations.

Mike Ward, Sysop
The Shack BBS
(716) 427-8423

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