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This is an Online BBS-Door game for the 2am BBS system.
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This is an Online BBS-Door game for the 2am BBS system.
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Contents of the AWARI.DOC file

MaynStream Technologies - 10/10/90

This game was published in a book by Tim Hartnell (BOOK OF
COMPUTER GAMES), but was not invented by him. It is very
ancient in origin, and I have rewritten/adapted it for use as a
BBS door.

AWARI was written as a jumpdoor for 2AM-BBS's (version 3.0). The
users of my BBS play it a LOT! There is very little luck
involved in winning, it is more a game of skill and tactics. I
suggest that SysOps present the top players list at each logon.
When I started doing this, the users started competing to get
their names on the top of the list. If you want to see how this
works, call my BBS any time (info below).

If you are a SYSOP of a board other than 2AM, I will be glad
to incorporate an interface to your system into the door. When
you register AWARI, send along:

+ A copy of typical examples of whatever file(s) your BBS
creates when a door is activated.

+ A description of the file fields.

The more information you can supply, the better chance I have of
making it work the first time.

AWARI can also be played locally without a BBS by keeping the
'LOCAL' JUMPER.DAT file (included in AWARI.ZIP) where AWARI can
find it (see the AW_SETUP.DAT instructions below). I have set
up this distribution version so that it will work in local mode
if you type AWARI at the DOS prompt (Make sure the AW_SETUP.DAT
file makes sense for your installation). The 'LOCAL' JUMPER.DAT
can be edited if you desire, just make sure that line 9 stays at
0 (for comm port 0)

AWARI is being distributed as SHAREWARE not FREEWARE! SysOps
are not exempt from SHAREWARE costs!!! This game took me quite
a while to write, and debug. As a matter of fact, I have had it
running on my board for almost a year now to insure that it's
fairly bug free. There are a few things lacking from this
version, but not enough to make it 'crippleware'. It is fully
operational. The missing functions include:

+ User editor

+ The top players list with ANSI graphics

* + 'External intelligence' capability (allows programmers
to write their own computer move programs external to
the AWARI.EXE file)

* + Dual telephone line feature (Player against player)

* + Concede option (when you get way behind)

+ Tutorial mode for NOVICE users (enter a potential
move, and it will show the potential results).

* => being tested (not yet available)

You only need two files to start the game. The AWARI.EXE file
(10-10-90) and the AW_SETUP.DAT. The other files required by
AWARI will be created during / after play.

I suggest that you create a directory called AWARI, and copy all
three of the files in the ARC into it. Then make sure the paths
are correct in the AW_SETUP.DAT file, and try the game in local
mode first. The information in the AW_SETUP.DAT file must be
correct!. It's a simple ASCII text file, and can be edited with
any ASCII editor (QEDIT). After you get it working in local
mode, just change the AW_SETUP.DAT file to point to your BBS

Line 1 => The full path and file name for 2AM-BBS JUMPER.DAT
Line 2 => The full path and file name for the Awari users file name
(normally located in the AWARI game directory).

Line 3 => The maximum number of players allowed. (No real limit)
Line 4 => The approximate number of days of inactivity allowed before
the user is deleted. (Calculated at every start-up).
Line 5 => The "Top players" output list file.
(I call mine C:\BBS\TEXT\SPLOGIN1.TXT so it appears
to users during each logon)
Line 5 => Number of players that are shown in the "top players" list.
(no real limit)

You'll need a batch file (AWARI.BAT) located in the \BBS\JUMPER
directory that looks something like this:


The L command line parameter tells the game to produce a top
players list. It won't create one without it.


+ The game detects the 2AM 'LOCAL' mode, so the SysOp can play.

+ The status line appears only on the SysOp's screen. If a
block is highlighted in RED it means the current level of
play selected, or the current player is in the top ten of all

+ The display is sent quickly to the BBS monitor, and out the
modem at whatever the users baud rate is. It may appear that
the user is taking a long time to make a move, when really
the 'board' on their side has not been completely sent.

+ 40 column play is not allowed, but ANSI and non-ANSI play is.
If ANSI is selected by the user (from within 2AM), the
'board' is shown in color.

+ Support, and the latest shareware version is available on:

(607) 724-7170
24 hrs/day, 7 days/week
160 Megs

If you are running this game on your BBS, and the users are
having fun with it, then you should register it! Registration
will get you:

+ The most current release (mailed to wherever you say, in
whatever format you want), which will have whatever I have
included in the game up to that point in time. If you have
special requests, write them down and they will be considered.

+ A more complete document including tips on how to win in

Mail $15.00 to:

MaynStream Technologies
19 Brookfield Rd.
Binghamton NY

In the letter, tell me your BBS name, number, how you want the
game mailed to you (3.5", 5.25" Hd/Fd...) also any suggestions
or special requests you may have. Special requests will take a
little longer to code and debug. I'll attempt to keep you
informed of the progress, if it seems to be taking longer than I

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