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Information on the Planet Connect BBS Service. This service will allow your BBS to receive files, network mail, etc. via satellite.

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Information on the Planet Connect BBS
Service. This service will allow your
BBS to receive files, network mail,
etc. via satellite.

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Information on the Planet Connect BBS Service. This service will allow your BBS to receive files, network mail, etc. via satellite.
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Satellite delivery of all types of BBS information is now available
for your BBS. A continuous 19,200 baud stream of up to date files via
satellite. Both C and Ku band satellite feeds are now available
anywhere in North America. Those expensive phone bills can be a thing
of the past.


BBS sysops are now able to receive daily updates of the entire Fidonet
backbone. These are the same files that are currently being distributed via
telephone lines. These conferences are on a national and international
distribution basis. Planet Connect is now transmitting the raw,
compressed, file format each day. BBS sysops will need to install a front-end
mailer, such as D'Bridge, Binkley, and FrontDoor. The board will also need a
mail tosser so that the mail packets can be tossed into and from the BBS
message bases. This tosser will have to be compatible with the version of
BBS software the sysop is using on his system. All messages entered by a BBS
user will have to be forwarded to the Planet Connect BBS in Tennessee for
redistribution back into FIDO-NET.

A special signal is being sent over the satellite to tell your data receiving
computer when all of the Fido files have been sent. This will signal your
computer to close the satellite receiving software and start the tossing of
the mail into your BBS.

The Fidonet files will be sent several times during the day with several
repeats during the morning hours right after the daily update has been
received by the Planet Connect uplink. This will give you several
opportunities to receive the files without errors. Our experience with
recent improvements in our uplink, give us almost no errors from the
satellite transmission.

You will have to use an A.K.A. address of 1:3615/51 in your control file
for your tosser to acknowledge the incoming packets. The packets and tic
files are password protected and you will be given this password on purchase
of our equipment.

The password will have to be entered into your TIC.CFG and your control file
for your tosser for each area and conference that you receive. Make sure that
you have the latest FIDONET.NA and also FILEBONE.NA files availible to
check matching areas. All messages left by your users in the conferences
that you receive from Planet Connect must be forwarded to address 1:3615/50
to be redistributed back into FIDO-NET. At the time being this applies only
to systems that are tossing the fido-net converences into thier BBS.

Due to the large amount of compressed mail bundles that will be sent
over P.C. we will using a slight change to the extension used for each
day of the week. We will have the normal extensions of .MO0 to .MO9 for
the first 3 to 4 megs of bundles. After that the extension will include
.MOA to .MOZ. Please make sure that your matrix packer and unpacker can
recognize the new format. If it can't then you will have to create a
batch file or program that will extract these new formats.

PCX files of national weather that are updated every 2 hours. These VGA
Color files show the national radar scans as produced by the national
weather service with detail down to each county in the US. There are six
regional maps that cover the entire country in excellent detail. Satellite
Views show the national cloud cover as seen by weather satellites at 22,247
miles in space. The weather maps show high and low temperatures,
precipitation, and all other weather conditions around the country.

The weather files will initially be sent out to all subscribers as pcx
files, which can be listed on your board for downloading and viewing. At a
future date a special weather door will be provided which will allow the BBS
user to call in and only download the data that changes on the maps. This
will reduce their on line time tremendously since only a small part of the
pcx file will be downloaded.

With the rapid increase of satellite and cable tv channels, finding out what
to watch can be very difficult. With Planet Connect your BBS users have
a constantly updated week of tv listings with more detail than any printed
guide on the market. Plus, these listings are updated constantly, therefore
the programs that change their schedules like the morning shows and talk
show will be listed correctly.

This program lets you mark your favorite channels or programs to bring up an
on screen guide. Each user of the guide can pick their own list of
preferences. When the guide is called up on the computer screen, only the
channels requested by that user will be listed to make the guide easy to

All the listings included detailed information about the programs such as
the actors, episodes, ratings and more. Each user will download a daily zip
file that is about 100k which contains the listings for each day. The end
users that downloads the listings from the BBS is required to pay Planet
Connect a $24.95 fee to receive the TVAGENT software that decodes the listings
for a 12 month period. There is no charge to the BBS for the listings. Due to
the present royality arrangement between Planet Connect and the data supplier,
these listing can not be transferred to other BBSes for their re-distribution.


Planet Connect will be sending the latest in Shareware programing. We will
be distributing from file sources such as SDN/Works! (Shareware Distribution
Network), WINNET (Windows applications Network), ASP (Association Of
Shareware Professionals), and many more. These will be sent over the
satellite in the TICK format. All the BBS sysop would need is the program
TICK, which is executed on the BBS end to toss the program into the correct
directory, and add a description to the bbs files list. Most common BBS
programs have their own version of TICK that will do the exact same thing.

----------- USENET NEWS GROUPS ----------
On November 17, 1993 Planet Connect started sending Usenet news groups test
files from the Internet. The full group of several thousand conferences will
be available some time in December. This group of files is priced seperately
from the conferences nets such as Fido and Rime and will cost $30.00 per
month for each BBS to receive this data.

Minimum Computer System requirements.

DOS version 3.0 or higher
286/20 computer.
570k free memory (At DOS)
1 free comport (1 to 4)
1 printer port (A "LOCK" or "DONGLE" is supplied that hooks to the printer
port. This is a must for the software to function.)
The software is not multi-tasker aware at this time, nor do we support OS2
at this time. The software will function on a NETWROK base system as long as
the workstation has its own hard drive installed and all incoming files
are saved to this HD. Some systems do have it working in a multi-tasking
and NETWORK enviroment but we do not promise that this will work.


19,200 BAUD, 2 foot dish

1 Satellite dish system (2 foot) with either flat roof mount or pipe
mount for ground mount.
1 Ku LNB and feed.
1 Planet Connect Data Receiver (19,200 Baud)

Please specify the type of mount you would like.

A) Non-penetrating mount that will sit on the ground or roof with
concrete blocks for holding weight.

B) Wall mount - can be attached to walls or wood fences.

Price $495.00

Same as above but with a 3 foot dish - $569.00

19,200 BAUD, 7 1/2 FOOT DISH
1 Satellite dish system (7 1/2 foot) with pipe mount.
1 C-band feedhorn
1 C-band 30 degree lnb
1 Planet Connect Data Receiver (19,200 Baud)
1 Hand crank for dish positioning

Price $649.00

Individual equipment:

KU-band data receiver (19,200 baud) $299.00
C-band data receiver (19,200 baud) $299.00

100 feet of cable for C or KU system - direct burial RG-6 $20.00
additional cable in 25 foot increments add $ 5.00

100 feet of cable for C band system with motor drive
capability --------------------------------------------- $60.00
additional cable in 25 foot increments add $15.00

Installation Video tape and site check kit - $24.95

Include $30.00 shipping and handling on each system. $3.00 for the
data-receiver if purchased seperately.

Include 8.5 % sales tax for shipments inside Tennessee.

Westonia Computer Systems of Canada is working with the Canadian BBS
community to coordinate sales and information for Canada.

US Sales for Planet connect are handled by Planet Systems Inc. in
Tennessee directly.

To receive more information or to place an order please call one of the

In Canada:

Westonia Computer Systems of Canada

In United States:

Planet Systems Inc.

Canadian Price List
Includes all duties, exchanges and shipping charges to Canada

Data Receiver and Software C band 388.00 Can
Ku band 388.00 Can

Complete 3' Ku System
1 3' Antenna c/w Mounting Hardware
1 Feed Horn
100' Coaxial Cable
1 0.9 db Ku LNB
1 Ku Data Receiver

$837.00 Canadian

Please add 7% GST for all sales in Canada
Please add 8% PST for all sales in Ontario
Shipping Costs are extra from Toronto

Complete 4' Ku System
1 4' Antenna c/w Mounting Hardware
1 Feed Horn
100' Coaxial Cable
1 0.9 db Ku LNB
1 Ku Data Receiver

$887.00 Canadian

Please add 7% GST for all sales in Canada
Please add 8% PST for all sales in Ontario
Shipping Costs are extra from Toronto

Installation Video tape and site check kit $32.44

A lease plan is being formulated for complete system packages.

Subscription Prices for nets:

All subscription prices are in US dollars

Site Feed Hub Feed
(Does not Refeed to other sites) (Feeds other sites)

Month to Month 40.00 /month 50.00 /month

Quarterly Contract 35.00 /month 45.00 /month

One Year Contract 30.00 /month 40.00 /month

There will also be advertiser supported data that will be transmitted free of
charge to approved systems.

Base services include:
Planet Earth
** Weather maps and Satellite pictures
** Electronic satellite tv-guide
also Fido File Areas

** These services are made availible to the receiving station for
posting ONLY on the receiving station. These services must not be
passed on to other systems. Services require registration and a
yearly subscription fee by the receiving system's online users.


Name:_______________________________ BBS Name:_______________________________

Adress:_____________________________ City: _______________ State: ___________

Zip:____________ Phone (Voice):___________ (BBS):__________ (FAX):___________


Nunber of years in operation:___ Number of phone lines:___

Software being used:______________________________________

Co-sysop's name:_______________________ Estimated users: _________

User fee charged:____________ Amount of Online storage (read,write): ________

Number of CD-Roms:________

Nets you belong to with node numbers if appropiate:___________________________


Any other information you might feel is important about your BBS: ____________



Check one:

Do you wish to purchase the equipment or lease it? Purchase: _____ Lease:_____

Which type of system: C-band:____ KU-band:____

If purchasing KU, what size dish do yu want? _____

How much cable do you need? (In feet) ____________

If you already have a C or KU system do you want to just purchase the
data-receiver? YES:_____

Type of mount: Non-penatrating mount:____ Wall mount:____ Pole mount:____

Method of payment: Check_____ Visa____ Mastercard____ C.O.D.____

Card Number:______________________________ Expires: _________________


Cardholders name:_________________________

Special needs for system if any:_____________________________________________


Method of monthly subscription fee.
Please check one.


Non feeding Feeding
$40.00 per month:_____ $50.00 per month:____

Quarterly (3 month contract) payed every 3 months:

$35.00 per month:____ $45.00 per month:____

Yearly (12 month contract) payed every 3 months or by year:

$30.00 per month:____ $40.00 per month:____

A $200.00 refundable deposit is required with each lease. The lease program
only applies to the Ku band system. Three months of the $18.50 equipment lease
are required in advance as well as the first three monrhs subscription fees.
Fifty percent of the equipment lease payments can be applied to the purchase
price if you wish to convert to a purchased system.

Method of payment for monthly payments: Check:____ Visa:____ Mastercard:____

Please give 3 credit references:

Name:____________________ Address:________________________ Phone #:___________

Name:____________________ Address:________________________ Phone #:___________

Name:____________________ Address:________________________ Phone #:___________

Social Security Number:_________________________

Do you know of any credit problems?:___________________________________________


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