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RBBS Rip Text window formatter v1.1.

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RBBS RIP Text Window Formatter v1.1
Converts any file to a RIP script file with
a RIP menubar and mousefields for the
RBBS More Prompt options and enclose the text
part of the file in a text window. Allows
for configurable Title bar, forground and
background colors!

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RBBS Rip Text window formatter v1.1.
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BLANKBUT.ICN 210 48 deflated
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RRIPIT.CFG 1652 530 deflated
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Contents of the RRIPIT.DOC file

RRIPIT v1.1 Copyright (c) 1993 Daniel T. Drinnon All Rights Reserved

Purpose: To create a RIP Script file from a text file for RBBS with
the RRIPxxx or CDor Mods RIP support.

Usage: RRIPIT infile outfile [configfile]

Configfile is optional - the default config file is RRIPIT.CFG in the
current directory. Please see comments in RRIPIT.CFG for
config options!

Revisions: 08-02-93 Initial Release
08-04-93 Whoops - deleted original source!
rewrote and added config file options

Use at your own risk! I am not responsible for the use or misuse of this
program regardless of any actions on yours, mine, or anybody else's actions!

Shareware - This Program is SHAREWARE! You may use it for an evaluation
Period of 10 days or 10 files (whichever comes first), then
you must register it or cease using it.

Registration - Registration is only $5! Send your Registration to:

Dan Drinnon
413 Sandy Lane
Clovis, NM 88101

You will be sent either by US Mail or, if you specify an
RBBSNet or FidoNet address, By File attach the current
Registered Version.

The Registered Version will not have a Delay-Ware notice.
The Registered Version will have several different styles
of RIP screens to choose from.

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