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Turbo Vote 1.00a. Voting program for SearchLight Extended BBS.
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Turbo Vote 1.00a. Voting program for SearchLight Extended BBS.
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Contents of the TVOTE.DOC file

TurboVote 1.00a
Voting Booth program for
The SearchLight Bullentin Board System

Programmed and designed by Arcadio A. Sincero Jr.
Copyright (c) 1990 by AdventureWare Software

TurboVote is a simple to use voting booth system for
The SearchLight Bullentin Board System. Although it was made
for SearchLight Extended, it may be used on the Shareware
version of SearchLight.

TurboVote is made to be run as a AutoDoor, supported
only by SearchLight Extended, and as a regular Door. The
AutoDoor purpose is to automatically tell a user that he has
not voted yet, and tell's him to vote. And also, if the user
is NEW, he is automatically places in the TurboVote User Data
file, and is automatically takin to The Voting Booth. The
regular Door purpose is too let the user vote. Duhhhh.......

To install TurboVote, use the following command line
in your DOORS.DEF file, or AutoDoor LOGON section of CONFIG:

1;0;1;sl;desescription;directory;TVOTE %U %G %A command

sl - The minimum security level to access the DOOR, usually
set to the lowest level on your BBS

description - The description of the door,
i.e. TurboVote voting booth

directory - The directory where TVOTE.EXE is found, when first
run, TVOTE will make the files VOTE.IDX and
VOTES.DAT, those files should be in the same directory

%U - SearchLight METACOMMAND, passes username to TVOTE, but
changing spaces in the name to "_".

%G - SearchLight METACOMMAND, passes the graphics mode to
TVOTE, "C" - Color, "M" - Monochrome, "N" - None

%A - SearchLight METACOMMAND, passes the security level to

command - TurboVote command.
The following commands are valid (MUST BE CAPS):

A - Add to voting booth
Adds voting questions, usually for
sysops only
C - Check user file
Checks user file if user hasn't answered
all the voting questions. If new,
automatically goes to the voting booth
V - Voting booth
Goes to the voting booth

You will usually have 2 versions of TurboVote in your
DOORS.DEF file. One so that the user can vote, and another
so that the sysop can add voting questions. Or you can have it
so that users can put thier own voting questions. But keep in
mind, TurboVote is only made to hold a maximum of 20 voting
questions, and thier is NO check for overflow.

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