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MKDIZ Version 1.32S - A Menu driven program which allows you to create and insert FILE_ID.DIZ and/or DESC.SDI description files into archive files created by PKZip.

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MKDIZ Version 1.32S - A Menu driven program
which allows you to create and insert
FILE_ID.DIZ and/or DESC.SDI description
files into archive files created by PKZip.
These description files contain a short
informative description of the files &
programs contained within .ZIP files. These
descriptions can be read and automatically
displayed on a BBS file directory that
supports .DIZ/.SDI descriptors.

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MKDIZ Version 1.32S – A Menu driven program which allows you to create and insert FILE_ID.DIZ and/or DESC.SDI description files into archive files created by PKZip.
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Contents of the MKDIZ132.DOC file

Copyright (c) 1993
Release 1.32S
I.D.I.C. Corporation
November 27, 1993
By: Joseph B. Phillips

MKDIZ allows you to create and insert FILE_ID.DIZ format
and/or DESC.SDI description files. These files are being used more
and more on BBSs in every city on the world to help identify
ZIP files.

Basically, a FILE_ID.DIZ file contains a short informative
description of the files/programs contained within a .ZIP file.
These descriptions can then be read and automatically displayed
on a BBS operators file directories. These directories are then
viewed by the BBS user and aide the user/Sysop in determining a
ZIP files contents.

Below is a sample BBS file directory that uses the FILE_ID.DIZ
description file format. These descriptions are located on the
far right of the program name.

Scanning File Area: New Weekly Uploads (FILE_ID.DIZ Descriptions below)

PHONE FAX Extracted from the US Congress
Yellow Book, January, 1993 this text
file includes the phone and fax numbers
for all members of the US Senate and
House of Representative of the 103rd
Congress. Also shows political party of
each person. Includes the House's 5
non-voting members from Guam,

DOSMAX17.ZIP 58648 11-14-93 Load DOS (3.1 thru 5.0) into UMBs rather
than in HMA and load more of it . V1.7
If you need the HMA for something else,
such as Windows, this would moake sense.
Includes driver to free to QEMM LoadHI
"stubs" and a driver to load the primary
shell high from your shell=statement.
Squeezes waste out of conventional mem.

QDPMIZ.ZIP 173145 11-07-93 The latest DPMI v1.02 for QEMM users.
Solves at least one bug when running the
new PKZ204C. With the old version
you'll get an exception 13 when running
PKzip with DPMI services turned. This
version SEEMS to resolve this issue.

GIFV412.ZIP 309861 10-08-93 GIF,BMP,PCX,PIC View, Catalog, Print,
Image processor and GAMES. Better than
VPIC/CSHOW combined. Sets NEW standard
in image viewers Full MOUSE support.
Features: Load images FAST, Powerful
Script language, Add text to images.
Enlarge, Shrink, Rotate, Image Editing
+more Uses Disk space, EMS or XMS
memory. You can Move, Copy, Delete.

ZCKR201.ZIP 57462 10-05-93 Zip Chunker 2.01 - Fast! ZIP File
Splitter by Jibben Software. Zip
Chunker splits and sizes all types of
files, including ZIP files. Will split
to a size to fit specific floppy format
or to user determined size. Files
except ZIP files can be rejoined.
Supports PKZIP 1.x/2.x files. ZIP files
can be split so that they will extract
to fit on a specific floppy size.

HOW TO USE MKDIZ - Starting for the first time:

Make sure that MKDIZ.EXE and PKZIP.EXE are in your DOS Path. If
MKDIZ is not within the path, possible errors can crop up.
Usually, MKDIZ and PKZIP are stored in the same directory on the
Hard disk. A common directory name would be C:\UTIL. Most of your
everyday utilities would also be stored there.

Automatic Entry of a Zip File Comment. The Zip file comment resides
in the same directory as PKZIP. It consists of a custom ASCII file
by the name of COMMENT.DIZ. This option is available to
registered users only. Automatic Zip Comment Entry also requires
the use of a memory variable. Registered users will receive more
detailed instructions concerning Zip File Comments.

SUGGESTIONS - Proper Program Operation:

Run the program from within the directory containing the ZIP
files you want to process.

Make sure you have sufficient space on your hard disk. At least
double the space of the ZIP file to be processed.

Do not use graphic characters when entering your FILE_ID.DIZ
description. Proper sentence alignment will not be maintained.

If a ZIP file you wish to process has Authenticity Verification
from another source, you will need to unzip and then rezip all the
files using your Authenticity Verification version of PKZIP. You
may then run MKDIZ on the re-zipped file. This version of MKDIZ
has a switch for Authenticity Verification for users having a
registered version of PKZIP.

If you find this program useful, Registration is just $8.00 via
check or money order. U.S. Funds Only!! Registration entitles you
to a personalized copy with enhancements. See the enclosed file
REGISTER.ME for more details. Please make check or money order
payable to Joseph B. Phillips. Send your registration form to:

I.D.I.C. Corporation
c/o Joseph B. Phillips
2517 West 37TH Street
Lorain, Ohio 44053-2303 USA
Phone (216) 960-2470


MKDIZ is distributed as-is. The author disclaims all warranties,
expressed or implied. The author will assume no liability for damages
either from the direct use of this product or as a consequence of the
use of this product.


You will need the PKZIP file compression package. When installing PKZIP
be sure to install it into a directory that is in your path statement.
Your MKDIZ.EXE file should be installed in the same directory as
PKZIP.EXE and PKUNZIP.EXE. PKZIP, PKUNZIP are written by Phil Katz for
processing ZIP archive files.


The latest Shareware release of MKDIZ can be downloaded from The Bandit
BBS (216)960-2185 in Lorain, Ohio. Baud rates 2400 - 14,400 Baud. The
Sysop is Jeff Roth. The board is in operation 24 hours a day.

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