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PCB-Verify v4.03 - The original callback/verify door. Works with PCB based systems and any system that uses a DOOR.SYS file. Automatic verification system.
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PCB-Verify v4.03 – The original callback/verify door. Works with PCB based systems and any system that uses a DOOR.SYS file. Automatic verification system.
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@INFO 1298 599 deflated
CALLBACK 1695 817 deflated
DESC.SDI 306 229 deflated
DIALOUT 173 129 deflated
DOORSYS.DOC 932 544 deflated
DOORSYS.EXE 8342 3886 deflated
EXAMPLE.CNF 210 155 deflated
GOODBYE 221 159 deflated
HISTORY.DOC 1702 885 deflated
IDCALLBK 232 169 deflated
IDVERIFY 253 171 deflated
PCBV.CNF 1892 828 deflated
PCBV40.DOC 53581 15525 deflated
PCBV400.EXE 82956 33658 deflated
PCBVAL 2787 269 deflated
PCBVNAL 48 25 deflated
PCBVTEXT 1887 810 deflated
PCBVTIME 74 39 deflated
PURGE.EXE 11419 7442 deflated
README.1ST 3168 1570 deflated
UPGRADE.DOC 4416 1775 deflated
WHATSNEW 4912 2219 deflated

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Contents of the README.1ST file

PCBVerify 4.00

Well, after more than a year of waiting, the new PCBVerify is finally here!
There are still some things to be added, but I've put in what has been most
popular in the way of requests...

Please take a minute or two to go through the docs. There are some changes
and they will require a few minutes of your time for those of you upgrading
and existing copy of PCBVerify.

Also, make sure you have the BRUN45.EXE file available in your path or in
the PCBVerify default directory. All PCBVerify EXE files use this file,
the idea being that most people already have this file and as such will
not need to download the code in it. If you do not have it, you can get
it from Premier BBS or Salt Air.

Please note that this code has been completely recompiled using QB4.5. The
reason for this was A) QB3.0 was causing some problems and was simply too
limited to allow any further growth, and B) QB4.5 made a nice intermediate
step to the "C" code, which hopefully will be out before long.

As with any new code, there are bound to be a few small problems. If you
experience any trouble, please don't hesitate to call Premier BBS at
(615) 588-9407 or (615) 588-9425. Please don't call me voice or ask me
to return your call voice as I am a college student, and running a board,
writing software, going to school full-time, and working 20 hours a week
can make time quite precious. Basically, I don't get to answer questions
during normal hours very often. However, if you'll leave a note on the
board describing your problem in detail, I'll get back within 24-48 hours
and give you help.

PLEASE don't leave a message saying something like "I'm getting an error
message" and expect me to help. I need as much detail as is possible in
order to diagnose a problem. Also, be sure and look over your setup and
make sure all is okay before calling for help. If the error just started
happenning and everything was going fine earlier, try to mention anything
about your system that has been changed recently, including new software.

All registered users should be still registered. However, though I haven't
witnessed it, I'm afraid that QB4.5's floating point math may be a little
more accurate and causing rounding errors. You might try raising your reg#
up by one or two and down by one or two if it doesn't work. Failing that,
give Premier BBS a call. I don't expect any problems, but you never know...

There are some new features that have been promised but not yet implemented.
I've been wanting to add these but haven't had the opportunity. I decided
that it was better to get the new version out and work on the other stuff
for next version. For example, there still isn't a way to use the phone
number stored in the PCBoard USERS file -- but on the other hand, @ codes
are now in there (trust me, it wasn't easy implementing them)!

As always, if you have any suggestions, please feel free to send them to me
at Premier BBS!

Thanks for downloading PCBVerify ... I hope that this program will make the
task of being a Sysop alot easier for you. It has for me!

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