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Program to retrieve mail packets from BBS's on a timed execution basis. Doesn't require any other comm program for support. Shareware.
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Program to retrieve mail packets from BBS’s on a timed execution basis. Doesn’t require any other comm program for support. Shareware.
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Contents of the README.1ST file

*Note to Sysops (or others) using multiple Comports*
When Courier starts, if no Courier.Cfg file is found,
Courier will default to Com:1, with standard address and IRQ

If you are running other communication sessions on Com:1,
starting Courier without defining your settings could cause
activities on Com:1 to be interrupted.

If you are starting Courier for the first time, and an
activity is in process on Com:1 (ie; a BBS sysop running
multiple nodes) you may start Courier with the command line
switch -O to prevent Courier from initializing the Comports.

Courier -O

Otherwise, simply execute Courier as you would any program.
Be sure to fill in all information under the menu selection
[Settings], on first start-up, for correct operation.

First start-up
When Courier first starts, it may try for up to 15 seconds to
initialize the modem. If there is a long delay at first start-up,
be patient, it will eventually give up (if problems) and give you
a message pertainingg to the complications encountered. Simply
proceed from there to the [Settings/Modem] section and fill in the
proper information.

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