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WOMR v2.30 - A public beta release of a mail door for WWIV.
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WOMR v2.30 – A public beta release of a mail door for WWIV.
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Download File WMRB230F.ZIP Here

Contents of the README.DOC file

The WOMR BBS Module beta release should contain the following files:

BETA.DOC notes on the beta version
ORDERFRM A registration/order form
README.DOC This file
USER.DOC Info on how to send messages with WOMR-QWK
WOMR.ANS ANSI opening message
WOMR.EXE The executable
WOMR.MSG ASCII opening message

This is a public beta release of the latest version of WOMR! It supports the
many new features of WWIV 4.22+ and NET 32+. These include: multiple networks,
gated subs, mail forwarding to other nets, etc. See BETA.DOC for more info.

To run WOMR you must be currently running v4.22 of WWIV and v3.2 of the net

For those of you upgrading your present version of WOMR, you need only
copy WOMR.EXE to your main BBS directory. There is no need to run WOMRSET
any more! If you are new to WOMR do the following to install WOMR:

1. Copy WOMR.EXE into your WWIV directory.
2. Copy WOMR.ANS and WOMR.MSG in your GFILES directory.
3. Run WOMR.EXE with no parameters. Choose options.
4. Add WOMR to your chains(WOMR %1, no dos, shrink = yes)

When the final release is ready I will include full documentation. Until
then refer to the WOMR v2.20 docs if you have any questions.

If you are not a registered user of WOMR and you wish to register at this
time, just print ORDERFRM. Thanks!

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