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PCBoard Deposit Door v1.95.

Full Description of File

PCB-Deposit v1.95. An excellent Time/Byte
Door. Specifically written for PCBoard
14.5a. Very friendly and easy to use!!
Don't let your users waste their unused
time and bytes. Let them save it for a
rainy day!! Complete Multi-Lingual Support.
Supports non-standard comports! Register
using Credit Card!

File PCBDB195.ZIP from The Programmer’s Corner in
Category BBS Files
PCBoard Deposit Door v1.95.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
DEPOSIT.CFG 3409 89 deflated
DEPOSIT.KEY 512 512 stored
DEPTEXT 2301 817 deflated
DISCLAIM.DOC 2479 957 deflated
DISCLAIM.WP 3467 1439 deflated
DPSM.EXE 76026 31520 deflated
EVENT 248 181 deflated
FILE_ID.DIZ 315 226 deflated
HISTORY 10927 4130 deflated
LOCKOUT 74 74 stored
LVLMIS 303 189 deflated
PCBDEP.EXE 73762 41115 deflated
REGISTER.DOC 2642 749 deflated
REGISTER.EXE 55012 25708 deflated
REGISTER.WP 3239 1227 deflated
SYSOP.DOC 17571 5503 deflated
SYSOP.WP 18691 6278 deflated
WELCOMEG 574 222 deflated

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Contents of the DISCLAIM.DOC file

This software is provided without any guarantee, either expressed
or implied. All responsibilities for its use rest with the user
of the software and not the author.

PCB-Deposit software and this document are (C) Copyright 1991, 1992
Cam DeBuck Software. All rights reserved World Wide.

PCB-Deposit is not in the Public Domain. PCB-Deposit is not free.

Non-registered users are granted a limited, 30-day license to
determine whether or not the program meets their needs.
Continued use of PCB-Deposit beyond the 30-day evaluation time
period requires registration of the program. Use of non-
registered copies of PCB-Deposit beyond the original evaluation
period is strictly prohibited.

No one may modify PCB-Deposit for any reason, in any way, including
but not limited to, decompiling-compiling, patching,
disassembling, or reverse engineering the program.

PCB-Deposit may be copied and distributed to others, subject to the
above restrictions and the following:

PCB-Deposit must be copied in unmodified form, including the
file containing this license information.

Complete PCB-Deposit documentation and Online Help must be

Complete PCB-Deposit EXE files must be included.

No copying fee of any type may be assessed other than basic
charges for the cost of the copying medium.

PCB-Deposit may not be distributed with any other software or
hardware product(s) without the express written permission
of Cam DeBuck Software.

Sysops (bulletin board SYStem OPerators) may make PCB-Deposit
available for downloading by their users as long as all above
conditions are met.

Commercial Distributors of Public Domain, ShareWare, or User-
Supported software may distribute PCB-Deposit subject to the above
conditions only after obtaining specific written permission from
Cam DeBuck Software, and filling out a registration form for
upgrade notifications. This condition supersedes any and all
previous agreements.

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