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Utility to Gate WWIV Based Networks with Fido Based Networks.
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Utility to Gate WWIV Based Networks with Fido Based Networks.
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FRNTDOOR.BAT 3388 885 deflated
README.1ST 1351 671 deflated
SUPPORT.BRD 1694 678 deflated
WWGTNEW.DOC 36136 10277 deflated
WWIVGATE.DAT 1586 747 deflated
WWIVGATE.DOC 11980 5024 deflated
WWIVGATE.EXE 107684 47876 deflated
WWIVGATE.FAQ 4549 1779 deflated
WWIVGATE.HIS 4071 1822 deflated

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Contents of the README.1ST file

Note: WWIVgate 1.09 changed the usage of the DOS WWIV_Net environment
variable from its usage in previous releases. Prior to 1.09,
the environment variable was one of three techniques for specifing
which INIT defined network was the FIDO Fakenet network. For
release 1.09 and later, it is used to define which INIT defined
network is the base WWIV_Net compatible network.

Included in this Shareware package are the following files:

readme.1st:This file.
wwivgate.doc:Basic history and setup information.
wwivgate.dat:Sample WWIVgate configuration file.
config.doc:Explaination of records in wwivgate.dat.
wwivgate.exe:The executable.
wwivgate.his: Short history file.
frntdoor.bat:The authors FrontDoor batch file provided as a sample. complete copy of the authors c:\bbs\fido directory.
chklen.c:A small program you can compile to check your WWIV user
record length.
support.brd: A list of BBSes who have agreed to support this program.
wwgtnew.doc: A replacement documentation file under development.
chkout.exe: A "cut-down" version of WWIVgate that allows you to check
out your setup without actually running WWIVgate. Useful
for verifying setup, includeing WWIV user record length

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