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Door game of Keno for Many BBS'.
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Door game of Keno for Many BBS’.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
KENO.BDG 1562 330 deflated
KENO.BDM 1213 304 deflated
KENO.BRG 1242 290 deflated
KENO.BRM 939 238 deflated
KENO.CFG 118 83 deflated
KENO.DOC 7687 2473 deflated
KENO.EXE 54563 21656 deflated
KENO.H1G 810 427 deflated
KENO.H1M 802 410 deflated
KENO.H2G 1013 314 deflated
KENO.H2M 644 285 deflated
KENO.H3G 1306 367 deflated
KENO.H3M 817 344 deflated
KENODOOR 66 50 deflated
NETWORK.DOC 3568 1175 deflated
READ.ME 905 502 deflated

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Contents of the READ.ME file


Copyright (c) 1987, 1988, 1989

By Mark Turner

This is Version 3.1 Release...
This release supports Door.Sys type BBS's
ie: GAP. To use this feature, place a 3 on
line 4 of the KENO.CFG... Then place the
full path to the Door.Sys file on the fifth
line of the config file...

This version supports full Networking
see the additional file 'NETWORK.DOC' for
further info...

This version also supports full 19.2 KBaud
modems... There are also a few little bugs

I now have my own BBS and you can call there
for support of this program, and the latest
version...for you that use PCPursuit, I can be
reached at Solid Rock BBS
(CACOL) 785-9176

Mark Turner
38048 Via La Colina
Murrieta, Ca 92362
Voice (714) 677-1157
BBS (714) 677-0570

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