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ByteBrothers QWKScan v3.0 1/91 - Scan MarkMail and QMail Packets - Offline Reader.
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ByteBrothers QWKScan v3.0 1/91 – Scan MarkMail and QMail Packets – Offline Reader.
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the Bytebrothers present

== Version 3.0 ==

"What the heck is this thing supposed to do?"

Have you ever wished you could go back through a bunch of your old
mail packets and pull out every message of a certain thread? Or have
you ever wanted to do a complete scan of your mail packets to get
every message to or from a certain person? How about the ability to
filter OUT messages from a certain person? Or have you ever been
interested in looking at every message that contained any information
on "Wordperfect" or "OS/2?"

Well now you can!! QWKSCAN does all that and more. Here is a short
list of some of its features:

1. Search .QWK message packets or .REP reply files,
optionally using AND/OR search logic.
2. Easily integrates with your existing message reader.
3. Ability to Filter out messages from Nitwits.
4. "Remembers" up to 10 search strings to easily support
multiple searches through multiple mail packets.
5. Completely menu-driven for ease of use, or can be run in a
batch file in the command-line mode.
6. Previews all messages containing the search string to
screen, allowing easy marking/unmarking for saving.
7. Optionally save output to new or existing ASCII files or
8. Completely mouse-friendly. (Rumors of exploding mice
are absolutely false....)
9. 43 and 50 line support, if applicable.
10. Slick windows and colors.
11. Completely customizable.

To give QWKSCAN a "qwk" spin around the block (ba-dum-dum!), begin by
un-archiving it into the directory where you keep all your old mail
packets. Then fire it up by typing:


and you're off and running!! When you're through testdriving it,
come back and look through the documentation for other features and
tips on how to optimize QWKSCAN's performance.

Enjoy your tour of QWKSCAN!

Elliott Jackson
January, 1991

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