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FTSC & Squish Compatible BBS Message Editor.
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FTSC & Squish Compatible BBS Message Editor.
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Contents of the README file

Msgedsq 2.2e Copyright (c) 1993 John Dennis. All rights reserved.

Release 93-10-3 2.2e


Permission is granted for use of this software in any way you see fit.

Introduction ------------------------------------------------------------------

This is the long-due release for this year ^_^ Many, many things have
been changed/fixed since the last public release. I'm sorry to say that
there aren't any docs other than this file (I could spout excuses, but
the fact is - I can always find many things much more interesting than the
prospect of writing user-docs ^_^).

The sources will be released for this version when they are tidied up.
Note that you can create your own help file using the help compiler
contained in help.lzh (if you so wish - the info in the current one
isn't up-to-date).

You can get hold of me at 3:690/668 or [email protected]. If you
want to speak to me (and want a guaranteed answer [I forget to read
echomail]) use netmail or email. I do read MSGED_ECHO (when my feed
runs) and/or TUB every now and again. The people in MSGED_ECHO usually
figure out work-arounds quicker than I do, so it might be work asking
there first. Please note that my node is mail-only and runs only
during ZMH (plus an hour either side).

Please note the following (or proceed at your own peril):

1 Your old template file will barf with this version.
2 The template token useage is different too with the
new usage being closer to what you expect (says who?).
3 You can now have multiple users.
4 You can have users and templates for specific areas
with the change occuring automagically on an area
5 The seperate users all use the same set of addresses.
6 This file consists of (in order):

Introduction (this)
Known bugs
Bug Fixes
New changes (covering releases since 2.2b)
Notes on how to use cut/paste properly
Notes on how to use templates properly

Known bugs ---------------------------------------------------------------

o Mouse dectection is still stuffed - make sure that you say
don't have one when you don't.

o Groups MUST be set up correctly. This is not a bug but a
limitation in the implementation: please ensure that any
users/templates in groups have been defined.

o Header entry can get hairy when doing UUCP stuff.

o DOS version doesn't give up ticks to OS/2 or Windows (only
Desq). The morale is: Use the OS/2 version under OS/2 and
Never, never use Windows ^_^

o As distributed it is quite stable. You can, of course, change
it in many ways (many of them Undocumented - time for a book?),
so b4 shouting BUG! please try and be sure that it is. That's
not to say that a shout of BUG! will always be unfounded ^_^

Vaporware ----------------------------------------------------------------

(for the next version)

o User definable buttons. Hairy - needs some new UI code for that
kind of stuff.

o Localization. Someone was working on this, but I haven't heard
anything since - it's a time-consuming job that no-one wants to

o Support for frodo nodelists. I'm wating for code - I don't intend
to reverse-engineer the b+tree format myself ^_^

o More fixes to the editor to make it modernish.

o Fixes to the header-editing code.

o C++ version. Already in the works, but it will take a long time.

o Bugfixes...

New 2.2e -----------------------------------------------------------------

o Fixed bug in quoting that caused %ceh (and others) not to work.
It was a nasty bug, so that may fix other weird problems...

o Fixed editcronly to work properly (crs will be shown always if you
still have showcr on).

o Fixed bug with Setup in editor mode (caused crashes?)

o Fixed bug that stopped buttons from responding to mouse input when
an edit field was current.

o Added a dialog to ask if the user wants to change a name when
a lookup in a v7 nodelist has found a different name.

o Made groups work on the description, rather than the tag.

o Fixed bug where the quote characters were incorrect.

o Now adds a blank line after header infor in internet destined messages.

o Fixed bug where %yms wouldn't work.

New 2.2db ---------------------------------------------------------------

Things from msq 2.1a/e2 (Thanks to Roland Gautschi)

o V7 additions (much more flexible now).
o Tabexpand feature.
o Local bit set on change of messages.
o Checks to see if subj is a file and attaches if exists.
o Attributes are cleared to default when msg is moved or copied.
o Other bits too.

Things by me (jd):

o Local bit now settable through the normal means.
o Added multiple users capability - can specfiy lastread file and
useroffset for each user.
o If file attach doesn't exist, asks if user wants to continue
editing or attach anyway.
o Tabexpand expands to tabsize characters.
o Groups have been added. A group is simply a search string and a
set of attributes that are applied to any area that matches with
the search string. Can be used for specifying a name and/or
template for an area(s).
o Added capability for text to be pasted multiple times from the
clipboard. Text that is pasted is nolonger selected.
o When cutting text, the cursor attempts to remain in the same
approximate position.
o Tokens have changed again ๐Ÿ™‚ Reason is that this time a lot more
information is available, so we need key space to record them in
a semi-intuitive manner. Tokens are now:

%yms // year msg
%yno // year now
%mms // month msg
%mno // month now
%dms // day msg
%dno // day now
%wms // weekday msg
%wno // weekday now
%tnm // time msg normal
%tnn // time now normal
%tam // time msg atime
%tan // time now atime
/* ---------- */
%ofn // orginal from name
%off // original from first name
%otn // original to name
%otf // original to first name
%osu // original subject
%ooa // original origin address
%oda // orginal destination address
/* ---------- */
%fna // from name
%ffn // from first name
%fad // from address
%tna // to name
%tfn // to first name
%tad // to address
%sub // subject
/* ------------- */
%una // current user name
%ufn // current user first name
%uad // current user address
%ceh // current echo tag (before area change)
%oeh // old echo tag

Your old tokens WILL NOT WORK (again)! Hopefully I can now
extend it as needed without changing the format. For those
interested, it now keeps a copy of the original message with
the template being made AFTER the header has been edited.
(giving you access to both headers).

Note: you still have only 256 chars to work with -> if the expanded
line exceeds this it will crash (probably). So don't put lots of
subject tokens in the same line ๐Ÿ˜‰
o Added "edithdr" to editor mode, default (can
change header).
o Added "setup" to editor, is the default.
o Added "edithdr" to reader, is the default (change
the header only).
o DOS version detects desq and gives up ticks to it
o Hold bit is setable in Attributes for header setting.
o Changed list function to look better and added capability
for selecting messages.
o Macros will now work in edit fields.

Notes on editor block usage (there seemed to be some confusion on this):

o "unblock" will un-mark the current selected block.
o You can resize the block - you basically hit the anchor key
twice (at both extents of the desired block) to select the
block. The entire block will be highlighted. You can
move about and the block will remain in it's position. You
can resize the block by two methods:

Hitting anchor outside the block will cause the block to be
extended. Hitting anchor inside the block will cause it
to start again with a new block.

To cut the block, use - this will cut it from the message.

will pasted a previously cut block into the message. You
can repeat this as many times as you like.

Notes on Template usage (confusion here too):

o A template file contains ALL the text that may or may not be
inserted into a message during it's operation. There is ONE
exception, and that is for CC:s. Therefore, you NEED a template
file (although it will work without one) for your quotes,
forwarded/redirected and otherwise messages.

Ok, _anything_ that is not a comment will be copied into the message
when you do a quote-reply, reply, followup, quote-reply-otherarea,
forward or redirect.

This could be messy, but luckily you can prefix a line with a function
identifier, which basically says that the line should be included only
if this function is being used. You have one id for each type of
function and one extra, which is only included on new messages. Redirect
and Forward are NOT new messages (everything else is).

Each line may also have all the attribution stuff you like in there.
You can do whatever you like ๐Ÿ™‚

o There seems to be some confusion over the signature bit. By default,
Msgedsq will do a "chopquote" (see config switch): that is, it will
cut EVERYTHING between the last line of text you entered and the next
occurring template line (a template line is a line included from the
template file). Anything after and including that template line will
be left in the message text.

"The last line of text" means the last line, starting from the
beginning of the message, that is not a quote or a blank line.
A blank line has NO spaces and is simply a hard CR.

Therefore, it follows that IF you want a blank line following your sig
it MUST be in your template file (as must be anything else you want
there). If you don't have that trailing blank line ("@n") then your
sig (if you have one) will be directly followed by the tearline.
An example:

------ cut ------
;....(beginning of template file)
; blank line (nothing following, although there could be..)
; If you only have one "@n" you will have a blank line only at the end
; of each message.
------ cut ------
This will look like:
------ cut ------

... (message text...)


--- Msgedsq 2.2b
* Origin: yume no naka ni... (3:690/668)
------ cut ------

It was done this way to give maximum flexibility - you can have whatever
takes your fancy. Please also note that if you change a template line
it will lose it's template status (indicated by change of colour) and
become an ordinary line of text.

o Hopefully that should clear things up ๐Ÿ™‚

Bug Fixes------------------------------------------------------------

o Bug fix on tearline addition, and on adding trailing \r in msgs.
o Bug fix on CC/VC/BC putting in extra blank lines when cc:ing to
more than one person.
o Bug fix: %e token died - see new token format.
o Bug fix: grey minus caused trap and didn't move to unread msgs
o Bug fix: trapped in an empty area
o Bug fix: trapped when no msg loaded
o Bug fix: using forward etc won't now affect lastread pointers
o Bug fix: (OS/2) mouse now works identically with DOS version
o Bug fix: OS/2 version gives up more ticks now
o Bug fix: When writing a received header back, the time_arvived
wasn't written back, causing it to disappear.
o Bug fix: escape from scan/find should work now (OS/2).
o Bug fix: space now pages down like it used to.
o Bug fix: cursor will be turned on after dos command in editor.
o Bug fix: when deleting an empty line before a quote block, the
quote block won't lose it's quote prefix (anymore).
o Bug fix: high ascii chars should now be possible in edit fields
and in the editor.
o Bug fix: Wrapping on solid lines will now chop at the eol instead
of half way thru the line.
o Bug fix: cursor returns now after dos command in editor.
o Bug fix: crashes caused by insufficient syntax words in
config file fixed (checks made).

End of file.

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