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General Fido EchoMail Policy version 1.0.
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General Fido EchoMail Policy version 1.0.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
AREAFIX.TXT 2075 738 deflated
AREAMGR.TXT 721 419 deflated
ECHOPOL1.TXT 29473 9772 deflated
MAGICINF.TXT 658 324 deflated
PASSWORD.INF 819 366 deflated

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Contents of the AREAFIX.TXT file

Below is a sample message from net/node 106/111 requesting a
change in the distribution of echos to his system.

----> Inbound message <--------------------------------------

From: Greg Dawson
Orig: Shutterbug (106/111) Houston TX
To: Areafix <- On 999/999
Subject: PASSWORD -R -L



Upon finding the message, Areafix will add net/node 106/111 to
the areas 80XXX and TECH, and delete him from COMM. The augments
following 'PASSWORD'("-R" and "-L") state 106/111 wants to rescan
[-R] all the new areas (kill '1.Msg'), and receive a listing [-L]
of echos available to him.

Please note the "---" at the end of the listing. Areafix will
not process anything after this line. There's a problem with
Confmail sometimes appending a stray EchoMail message to an
existing net mail message. Without this 'Tearline', Areafix
would process the entire message. Very undesireable in this

Here's what Areafix will send back to the user (106/111):

----> Outbound message <-------------------------------------

From: Areafix
Orig: Da Da's BBS (999/999) Somewhere TX
To: Greg Dawson <- On 106/111
Subject: Re: Areafix

> 80XXX

Net/Node 106/111 added area 80XXX
Net/Node 106/111 added area TECH
Net/Node 106/111 deleted area COMM

Net/Node 106/111 is active for the following areas:


--- Areafix [1.00]

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