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Land of Devestation BBS Door game. Part 4 of 5.
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Land of Devestation BBS Door game. Part 4 of 5.
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Contents of the LODFILES.TXT file

LOD Version 3.50+ Packaging information

Since LOD has been growing larger and larger, I have resorted to a
new distribution format. LOD itself is now comprised of a total of
FOUR distribution archives:

LOD350A.ARJ - Sysop and User documentation [REQUIRED]

LOD350B.ARJ - Main LOD program and data [REQUIRED]

LOD350C.ARJ - EGA version [OPTIONAL]

LOD350D.ARJ - EGA additional graphics library [OPTIONAL]

LOD350E.ARJ - Sysop customization package [OPTIONAL]

Only the first TWO of these archives are required for operation of
LOD. This is LOD in it's most basic setup.

The second two archives are used for the EGA version of Land
Of Devastation. They include the EGA-specific .EXE file, picture data,

The fifth archive contains editors and utilities for sysops who
like to take an active role in controlling their games.

In more detail....


This file contains LOD's installation instructions, sysop
documentation, and user documentation. I seperated these out so people
may D/L just the doc files for LOD so they can get a sort of "preview"
of the game before downloading the rest of the package.


In here is the "guts" of the game. The text version (i.e. non-EGA)
.exe file, all of the ansi images, all of the data files, etc. This is
REQUIRED if you wish to install LOD.


Here you'll find the EGA-Specific version of LOD. Included is the
executable (GAMEEGA.EXE) and the primary graphics resource files. You'll
need this if you wish to run the EGA version of LOD. (Note: You still
need LOD350A and LOD350B)


This is an optional additional graphics package to be used with
the EGA version of LOD. It includes what we call the "bigpics". These are
pictures that pop-up in LOD's map window from time to time - They show
you using a laptop, fighting monsters, attacking bases, etc. This file is
purely for cosmetic purposes and not required for game play. It does make
stuff look much nicer though.


This is the sysop customization package. It includes all of the
editors, utilities, and other tools needed to customize and alter the
play of your game. It is fully optional and not required in any

And what about GTERM?

Gterm is the REMOTE TERMINAL for Land of Devastation. If your users
run it, they can get full EGA graphics regardless of which version you
The EGA terminal really enhances play for the users and I recommend
they grab it if they want to seriously play the game.

The filename is:


So, to summarize:

If you want the TEXT-ONLY version of LOD, just download LOD350A.ARJ
and LOD350B.ARJ. (Note: Even if you use this text-only version, you're users
can still download GTERM and have EGA graphics on their side)

If you want the EGA/TEXT version of LOD, download LOD350A.ARJ,
LOD350B.ARJ, and LOD350C.ARJ. This will display EGA pictures on YOUR
side. (Note: Users may play in text with a normal terminal or in
EGA using Gterm)

If you want LOD decked out with ALL of it's EGA graphics, grab
LOD350A.ARJ, LOD350B.ARJ, LOD350C.ARJ, and LOD350D.ARJ. You'll have the
full EGA graphical display, complete with all pictures and data.

If you like to play around with the game and alter some of the
default parameters and such, then you might like LOD350E.ARJ - it includes
all of the necessary tools for customizing your game.

If your USERS want to play in EGA, then they can download
GTERM350.ARJ. It'll give them EGA capabilities on their end regardless of
the version of LOD which you are running.

Scott Baker

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