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Combination Joke+Quote utility for BBSs.
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Combination Joke+Quote utility for BBSs.
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Contents of the Q&J.DOC file

Quoter & Joker (c)
By Jason Epel

Since this is a rather small program, I feel that it only
deserves a small documentation.

This program was written in Turbo Pascal by Jason Epel. If
you wish to reach him, he is sysop of the Funny Farm BBS,
currently located in Maryland. The number is (301) 544-5484,
available 24hrs every day at speeds up to 2400bps.

This program was primarily written for the use as an
"logon event" for WWIV type systems. I've worked with this
program with WWIV versions 4.03 and up, so no guarentees that
it'll work with those older versions - though I don't see why

I hereby disclaim any damage that this program may inflict to
your system, though I do not foresee any possible ways of
this happening.

Modifying this program without written permission by the
programmer is in violation of the copyright laws, violators
will be prosecuted.

Now that I've got that technical stuff out of the way, here's
what you have to do to get this program running:

- Run INIT.
In the "external " area, find the
"Logon event:" prompt.
At that prompt, type in

- Place the Q&J.COM file in your WWIV directory.
- Place the two .MSG files that came with this package
in your GFILES subdirectory.

Once you've done these, you're set to go. The program will
automatically create two data files, usually under 10 bytes
each, which will automatically be updated each time a user
views the quotes and jokes. If you erase either of these
data files, you will cause that particular option for which
the data file was created for, to reset itself and start
reciting the quotes or jokes from the first one on the list.

This program will display the jokes and quotes from beginning
to end. If you wish to change the quotes or add more - same
goes for the jokes, you must maintain the following format:

(Both the QUOTES.MSG and JOKES.MSG files are identical
in structure.)

[blank line/seperator]
etc . . .

Again, if you have any problems, you can contact me via the
number listed in the first part of this documentation.

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