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Simpson on-line game for BBS door.
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Simpson on-line game for BBS door.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
COLOR1.EXE 2800 1954 deflated
CONFIG.DOR 100 73 deflated
HOME.HLP 1007 506 deflated
LET0.MSG 284 199 deflated
LET1.MSG 207 162 deflated
RESTART.EXE 2624 1803 deflated
SCHOOL.HLP 971 465 deflated
SETUP.DOC 3903 1750 deflated
SIMPSON.ANS 2059 567 deflated
SIMPSONS.EXE 93552 36639 deflated
SIMPSONS.INS 4428 1895 deflated
TOWN.HLP 734 394 deflated
USEREDIT.EXE 10352 5407 deflated

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Contents of the SETUP.DOC file

The Simpsons Set-Up Instructions
For questions, call an Alpha Site:
Back Woods BBS--(313) 286-6875
Hunter's Chase--(313) 468-3851

This program was compiled with DoorDriver 2.6 by Scott Baker
and Derrick Parkhurst. Therefore, you will follow the same
guidelines as other DoorDriver games (such as Galactic Warzone).
To activate the program, the format is:

doorname {{number of DORINFO.DEF file}}

For most boards, this will read SIMPSONS 1. The game does
not support multiple nodes. There are three other features of
DoorDriver that you might want to take note of. The first is the
configuration menu. To configure the program for your BBS, you


Another command line parameter that comes in handy sometimes
is the local mode. To logon to the game locally (although you
can do it through your BBS just as easily), the format is:


The last feature is the set of Alt-Key combinations you can
use within the program. These are used to access special func
tions, such as chat modes and other defined features. The fea
tures for this game are as follows:

Alt-C Chat Mode
Alt-H Help Menu
Alt-I System Info
Alt-W Remove User

To run the program, you will need to configure the game for
one of the options that your BBS uses (mine is compatible with
QBBS and RBBS for example) and set up the option within the
board. Then you will need to set up a batch file to run the
game. This can be rather tricky, seeing that you need to copy
the DORINFO file into the game directory before it can be used.
The following is the batch file I use to run the game:

>cd \bbs\simpsons
>copy c:\bbs\dorinfo1.def c:\bbs\simpsons
>del c:\bbs\dorinfo1.def
>simpsons 1

Note the use of the COLOR1.EXE program (included with the
ZIP file). Insert this in the batch file before you execute the
program only if the game isn't giving ANSI users any color. This
will fix the problem.

There are two other executable files included in the ZIP
explanatory. It will delete the data files for the current game
and create a new game. USEREDIT can be run to alter the user
records. It is a rather simple program and fairly self

The last point that you need to know is how to change the
logon screen (displayed right after the opening credits). The
logon picture is contained in the file SIMPSONS.ANS. You can
alter this to your needs. Although it has the .ANS extension, it
does not necessarily have to be an ANSI file.

Well, that's about it for the set-up procedures. It's a
fairly simple game to get working. If you have any problems or
notice any major bugs, please drop me a note at my BBS and tell
me. It's a fairly untested game so far, and this first version
is a trial run. Thanks for your cooperation...

Until then...

Revision History
V1.2 -- "CTRL-C to Abort Text" Message Now Long Enough to Read
Top Bart feature now functional
After a fight, you are told if nobody wins.
If you kill somebody, you actually get popularity.
You are now told when you lose an item.
The CITYNEWS.DAT file isn't as gargantuan.
Lunchtime payment problem fixed.
USEREDIT.EXE fixed (didn't work before).

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