Dec 262017
PowerBBS version 1.75 for Windows 3.0 and DOS.
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PowerBBS version 1.75 for Windows 3.0 and DOS.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
DOSINFO 2223 1038 deflated
FIDOINFO.EXE 23806 23637 deflated
INSTALL.EXE 42752 15710 deflated
ORDER.TXT 5527 1854 deflated
PORTINTR.EXE 32148 32019 deflated
POWRDOC.WRI 122880 37224 deflated
POWRDOOR.EXE 67761 67242 deflated
POWRDOS.EXE 172383 171934 deflated
POWRFILE.EXE 52094 50475 deflated
POWRMAIL 2461 878 deflated
POWRMAIN.EXE 262822 262695 deflated
READ.ME 326 231 deflated
SHARWARE.DOC 7038 2287 deflated
UPDATE.DOC 326 231 deflated

Download File PBBS175.ZIP Here

Contents of the READ.ME file

PowerBBS v1.75

DOS Version has been fully updated. It now includes FOSSIL capability
in the SHAREWARE release. Take a look!

Windows Shareware version now permits you to drop to dos to run live programs,
only limitation is Xmodem is only demonstrated. Register and receive Y/Z,
and external protocol capabilities.

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