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New Version of Space Dynasty BBS Door for use with WWIV BBS.
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New Version of Space Dynasty BBS Door for use with WWIV BBS.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
CHANGES.DOC 8413 3435 deflated
CHANGESN.DOC 2266 1063 deflated
DEBUG.DOC 2577 1204 deflated
DYNASTY.DOC 8321 3235 deflated
DYNASTY.EXE 113008 46316 deflated
INSTALL.DOC 6271 2628 deflated
LOCALNET.DOC 2259 1013 deflated
NETUSER.DOC 3465 1459 deflated
PATCH.EXE 76981 43926 deflated
README.1ST 2617 1193 deflated
READSD.COM 11944 7904 deflated
REGISTER.DOC 3305 1156 deflated
REGNUM.EXE 9024 5789 deflated
RELAYNET.DOC 10414 3918 deflated
SAMPLE.CFG 660 301 deflated
SDINSTAL.EXE 14436 8498 deflated
SDSYSOP.EXE 29760 15728 deflated
SYSOP.DOC 5486 2044 deflated
WRITESD.COM 17038 10910 deflated
WWIVNET.ZIP 36602 35783 deflated

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Contents of the README.1ST file

To all sysops upgrading from previous versions:
Space Dynasty 3.05 has, for the first time, its own modem routines.
WWIV sysops running the old DYNASTY.EXE MUST go into //CHAINEDIT and
turn WWIV interrupts off, otherwise the game will lock up the system.
Sysops of other systems no longer need Doorway type utilities to run
the game.

The NOWRITE parameter is no longer necessary, and should not be used.

Space Dynasty 3.05 will utilize a FOSSIL driver if one is present in
memory, otherwise it will use its own modem routines. A FOSSIL driver
is still required for baud rates higher than 9600 baud.

(A FOSSIL driver is a device driver which is used by many programs for
modem communications. FOSSIL drivers (such as X00 and BNU) are
readily available in the public domain, and can either be permanently
installed on your system, or can be loaded before the game and unloaded

To sysops running Space Dynasty via WWIVNet/Link:
If you are upgrading from v3.04, you can simply replace your old DYNASTY.EXE.
There were no changes relating to the network portion of the game.

Sysops using versions earlier than 3.04 for net games MUST run SDINSTAL again
when upgrading.

Archive Contents:
This archive should contain the following files:

README.1ST - this file
CHANGES.DOC - list of changes to Space Dynasty, with most recent changes at
the top
DYNASTY.DOC - user documentation, how to play the game
DYNASTY.EXE - the game itself
PATCH.EXE - This is a program that will allow me to send out fixes to the
program if bugs are found. So, instead of downloading a new
100k+ program, you can download a small patch file, or maybe
I can even send it through e-mail.
REGISTER.DOC - official registration form w/info
REGNUM.EXE - tells sysops who have previously registered what their
registration number is, due to revamped registration method
RELAYNET.DOC - how to network a Space Dynasty game over Relaynet
SDSYSOP.EXE - sysop utility, nonfunctional unless registered
SYSOP.DOC - game setup info for sysops
WWIVNET.ZIP - programs and docs for running a networked SD game via WWIVNet
LOCALNET.DOC - instructions for "netting" two games against each other on
one BBS, run a competition between games on your board

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