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WWiV Sysop Utility for changing the color of the REGIONS.DAT file.
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WWiV Sysop Utility for changing the color of the REGIONS.DAT file.
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Contents of the REGCON.DOC file

By James N. Helm
Compiled May 12th, 1992

** Jump to the end of this file to find out the changes in the MAY 12th
release. **

REGCON is a program used to colorize the places in a file called
REGIONS.DAT, which is used with Wayne Bell's Network software and WWIV
BBS. You may use and distribute this program freely, as long no fee is
charged in distribution.

REGCON has several useful features. You can specify parameters at the
DOS command line to choose one specific color for ALL places in REGIONS.DAT.
(Numbers 1-7) (ie REGCON 7 will cause all the places to appear in Dark Blue)
If you simply type REGCON, it will come up with 1 or 2 questions, depending
on your answers. It will first ask you if you would like RANDOM colors for
each place. If you choose NO to this question, it will default to WWIV
color #1 (Light Blue). If you choose YES, it will ask you another question.
Many users and Sysops DO NOT like WWIV color #6 (Blinking Red). It will ask
if you would like this color to appear. If YES, it will choose a random
color from 1-7. If you choose NO, it will choose colors between 1-5, and 7.

If you, for whatever reason, need to remove the color codes from
REGIONS.DAT, you can type REGCON C at the DOS command line, and it will
remove ALL color codes within the file.

If you need to contact the author, he can be reached at:

The Endless Quest BBS
(410) 267-7376
24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a week
300/1200/2400 baud
WWIVnet Node: @3116

Please let me know if you would like to have a specific version made, for
WWIV with additional colors added. I will gladly do this at no charge.


Second Release (May 12th)

After REGCON.EXE went over WWIVnet's Modification NET, another SysOp
brought a problem to my attention. What REGCON does when adding colors
to you REGIONS.DAT file, is add the '' and the color of your choice
if front of the place, and at the end, I had it put '0', the standard
grey color. Well, some people out there have changed the FROM: line for
each message, to be a different color than 0. So, with this second version,
I've added the ability to change this too.

At the DOS command line, simply enter "REGCON # #", the first number being
what color you want each place to be, and the second being the RETURN color.
(Experiment with the second number to see what I mean by RETURN color, you
can always change it again using REGCON, or type REGCON C to clear ALL codes)

I've also changed the format a little. Just by typing REGCON from the
command line, you can now tell it what color you want them to be (instead of
the parameters), or make them random. It will still ask what you want the
RETURN color to be.

That's it, not too many changes. Please feel free to contact me if you
find ANY errors, or have any special modifications you would like me to make.

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