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PC Board Shareware Release of Ver 12.

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PCBoard Shareware Special. Fully functional
release of an older, single node version of
PCBoard to replace previous PCBoard 10.0
shareware release. Copyright (C) 1989,1992
Clark Development Company, Inc. (1 of 3)

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PC Board Shareware Release of Ver 12.
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Contents of the README.DOC file

PCBoard Shareware Special. Fully functional
release of an older, single node version of
PCBoard to replace previous PCBoard 10.0
shareware release. Copyright (C) 1989,1992
Clark Development Company, Inc. (1 of 3)
PCBoard Shareware Special Version
(c) Clark Development Company, Inc. - 1989,1992

This version of PCBoard is being provided as a 'shareware' replacement of
our previous v10.0 software. Although this is a fully functional release
of an older version of PCBoard with DOOR capabilities, we no longer
provide technical support for this program. Only purchasers of our current
14.5a product release are provided technical support and upgrades. Included
at the end of this file is an order form for our current 14.5a software.

Enhancements to our current 14.5a product over this version include:

Code has completely been re-written in 'C' language for faster operation.
Support for 115,200 bps
Support for 16550AFN UARTS
Support for intelligent and non-intelligent serial ports beyond COM2
Support for up to 32,767 nodes
Support for up to 65,535 conference areas
Support for up to 16,777,216 message numbers per conference
Support for up to 32,767 DOOR programs per conference
Support for up to 32,767 Script Questionnaires per conference
Support for up to 32,767 Bulletins per conference
Support for up to 32,767 file directories per conference
Support for up to 36 file transfer protocols
Full batch file transfer support (both download & upload)
Bi-Directional file transfer support
Local file transfer support for 'in-house' connections
Automatic virus scan of uploads
File indexing for full CD-ROM support
Extended file name and description searches that are lightening fast
File viewing before download
Optional instantaneous byte or time credit on uploads
Extended search capabilities of all message bases
Automatic 'local-login' support
Full 'Echo-mail' functions
Full screen message editing
Fully multitasking aware including DESQview, Windows & OS/2
Full login and logoff script support
@ command and file substitutions
Enhanced USERS.INF file for DOOR information storage
High-speed built-in ANSI driver
Front-End program support for FIDO, etc.

Many other features have been added to the 14.5a code as well which are
too numerous to list here. If you are insterested in receiving more
information on version 14.5a, including a free demo disk, give us a
call at (801) 261-1686 between 8:00am and 5:00pm Mountain time.

After unzipping the Shareware Special files, change to the subdirectory
in which you un-zipped them and type:

INSTALL (enter)

The install program will ask you to enter the source and destination drives
for the program files and will then install and initially configure your
system for operation.

Since this is a shareware version of our software, the only documentation
available is included on disk in ASCII format. After completing your
installation of the software, you may print out the docs by entering
the following command from inside your \PCB sub-directory:

PRINTPCB (enter)

Clark Development Company, Inc. (CDC) grants to the user of this PCBoard
version software a nonexclusive license to use the software. The user
agrees that the PCBoard shareware version of the software is the property
of CDC, and that CDC maintains title to and ownership of the software at
all times.

CDC makes no warranties of any kind, express or implied, with respect to
the quality, performance, accuracy, or fitness of the software for any
purpose. CDC assumes no responsibility for any decisions made or actions
taken on the part of the users because of the use of this software. In no
event sall CDC, or any of its representatives, be liable for any loss of
profit or damage arising from the use or inability to use this software
even if CDC has been advised of the possibility of such damage.

PCBoard Shareware Additional Information
(1) A caller is no longer displayed their complete statistics when they log
on or join a conference (same as (V) command).
If you wish to enable this feature, use the SET PCB= environment switch
of /INFO.

example: SET PCB=/INFO

Please note that the /INFO parameter must be added to your current
SET PCB= statement.

(2) Since this code was originally released prior to the advent of 56KB
modems, the fastest modem port opening speed allowed is 38,400 bps.
Current 14.5a code allows port opening speeds up to 115,200 bps.
Additionally, not all current modes available on the market are
properly supported by this version since the code was written
well before the release of these modems. If your modem does not
work properly with this version, unfortunately no changes can be
made to the code to support it.

(3) Zmodem file transfers are supported. However, in order to properly
support them with this software you MUST obtain a fully registered
copy of DSZ.COM.

PCBoard 14.5a Prices effective Sep. 7, 1992

Product Features Price
------------------------- --------------------------------- --------
PCBoard 2 User (with DOOR support, dual media) $ 170.00
PCBoard 10 User (with DOOR support, dual media) $ 340.00
PCBoard 100 User (with DOOR support, dual media) $ 680.00
PCBoard 250 User (with DOOR support, dual media) $1000.00
PCBoard 1000 User (with DOOR support, dual media) $2500.00

PCBoard/M (Multi-Port Upgrade, requires /10 or above) add $ 100.00

PCBoard ToolKit (dual media, write PCBoard DOORS) $ 180.00
PCB-MHS Gateway Software for Novell Users $ 275.00

DESQview 386 (multitasking software) $ 179.00

DOORWAY v 2.20 Allows running almost any app. $ 40.00
from remote.

Willies' 4 Port 4 port non-intelligent serial card $ 179.00
ARNET SmartPort Plus 4 4 port intelligent serial card $ 495.00
ARNET SmartPort Plus 8 8 port intelligent serial card $ 995.00

All products above are shipped with complete printed documentation. Above
prices do not include shipping.

Shipping and Handling
FedEx Next Day FedEx 2nd Day
Continental US $20.00 $10.00
All Others CALL CALL

Please call 800 356-1686 for other shipping information, M-F, 8am to 5pm, MT.

Standard Support (N/C)
All purchasers receive one year's free Standard Support via and access to the
Salt Air BBS at (801) 261-8976 with any initial purchase of PCBoard.
Subsequent year's support charge is $ 60.00/year which includes continued
access to the Salt Air System as well as continued free upgrades of PCBoard
code (like version) via modem transfer. Registered PCBoard purchasers are
allowed 60 minutes per day on the Salt Air system under our Standard Support

Extended Support ($60 additional)
Extended support is $60.00 additional the first year and $120.00 a year
thereafter. Extended support allows access to the (801) 261-8977 line -
which automatically rings down to all lower Salt Air lines.
Extended Support users are allowed 120 minutes per day on the system.

Payments accepted are Cash, Money Order, Cashier's Check, VISA, Mastercard,
American Express or Personal/Company Check. All checks require 10 business
days clearing before shipment is made. School District and Government Agency
Purchase Orders are accepted.

Site License Pricing
Clark Development Company, Inc. also offers site license pricing for all
versions of PCBoard software. Please call us at (801) 261-1686 if you are
interested in obtaining a Site License Agreement

PCBoard 14.5a Order Form effective Sep. 7, 1992

To: Clark Development Company, Inc.
P.O. Box 571365, Murray, UT 84157-1365
(800) 356-1686 (New Orders only please)
(801) 261-1686 (Voice)
(801) 261-8976 (data - HST DS v.32bis & v.42bis modems)
(801) 261-8979 (data - Hayes Ultra v.32 & v.42bis modems)

Name: ____________________________________________________________

Business: ____________________________________________________________

Addr: ____________________________________________________________

City: _______________________________ State: ______ Zip: _______

Phone: _________________________ Date: ___________________

V/MC/AE #: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Exp: ______________

Print Name on Card: ___________________________________________________

Signature for credit card orders: _____________________________________

Product Ordered (Version 14.5a) Qtn Price @ Total
-------------------------------------- ----- --------- ----------
PCBoard 2 User (dual media) _____ $ 170.00 __________
PCBoard 10 User (dual media) _____ $ 340.00 __________
PCBoard 100 User (dual media) _____ $ 680.00 __________
PCBoard 250 User (dual media) _____ $1000.00 __________
PCBoard 1000 User (dual media) _____ $2500.00 __________
PCBoard ToolKit (dual media) _____ $ 180.00 __________
PCBoard/M (Intelligent Serial Sprt) add $ 100.00 __________
PCB-MHS Gateway Software for Novell _____ $ 275.00 __________
DESQview 386 Multitasking Software _____ $ 179.00 __________
DOORWAY 2.20 (dual media) _____ $ 40.00 __________
Upgrade from _______ to ________ (see above) __________
Standard Support Renewal (801) 261-8976 $ 60.00 __________
Extended Support(New/Renewal) (801) 261-8977 $ 60.00 __________
Willies' 4 Port Non-Intelligent Serial Card $ 179.00 __________
ARNET SmartPort Plus 4 Intelligent Serial Card $ 495.00 __________
ARNET SmartPort Plus 8 Intelligent Serial Card $ 995.00 __________
Sub-Total: __________
Utah Sales tax (Utah residents only) 6.25%: __________
Shipping & Handling (See above or Call): __________
Total Enclosed: __________

For items not listed above, please give us a call at (800) 356-1686
between 8:00am and 5:00pm, M-F, MT.

All prices are subject to change without notice.

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