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Nice utility for Renegade boards.."You Just Missed.." logon bulletin generator.
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Nice utility for Renegade boards..”You Just Missed..” logon bulletin generator.
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Contents of the RGUJUSTM.DOC file

You Just Missed... - Makes Renegade .MSG file of Last Caller!
For the Renegade Bulletin Board System

This software is distributed as is, without warranty of any kind, either
express or implied, respecting the contents of this sofware, including but not
limited to implied warranties for the software's quality, performance,
merchantability, or fitness for any particular purpose. David Drzyzga, a.k.a.
Cutter John, shall not be liable to the user of this software, or any other
person or entity with respect to any liability, loss, or damage caused or
alleged to be caused directly or indirectly by this software.

Use of this software constitutes full acceptance of the above disclaimer.

What it does:
This little program makes a user specifiable .MSG file using Renegade color
codes of the last user online.

How to run it:
This program will run from ANY drive or directory as long as the DOS enviroment
variable RGBBS=D:\BBS\ is in the enviroment. Alls this means is that you need
to put in your AUTOEXEC.BAT file the line SET RGBBS=D:\BBS\ (make sure you
re-boot for the change to take effect). Make sure you replace the D:\BBS\ with
the drive and path to your main BBS files (for example the directory in which
RENEGADE.EXE and STATUS.DAT reside). And don't forget to put the trailing "\"
at the end of the path!

Place the file RGUJUSTM.EXE in any directory you want and type the file name to
run it. The program will automagically find your STATUS.DAT file and
LASTON.DAT file and make a file called LOGON1.MSG and put it in your Afiles
directory (where all the .ANS and .MSG files are).

You will need to run this program either after each call or directly before the
next caller. You can do this from the batch file that calls Renegade (if you're
running a mailer like FrontDoor or D'bridge or any other mailer), or you can
run it from the batch file that starts Renegade.

You can specify the filename that you want RGUJUSTM to create for you. For
example, if you wanted the filename LASTON.MSG to be created, you would run the
program like this: RGUJUSTM LASTON (do not include the filename extension
'.MSG', RGUJUSTM will automagically add it!) If you do not specify a filename,
RGUJUSTM will automagically create a filename called LOGON1.MSG

I have added another file to the RGUJUSTM archive. It's called RGUJUSTM.DAT,
and what it does is it allows you to select what colors YOU want the RGUJUSTM
screen display. There are instructions in the file itself, so I won't go into
detail here other than to say that it is a plain ASCII file that can be edited
with your favorite editor.

This file is optional, but if it's used, it needs to be in the same
subdirectory as the RGUJUSTM.EXE program. If you don't use the RGUJUSTM.DAT
file, default colors that I have selected will be used instead.


This software has been released FULLY FUNCTIONAL. Please support the shareware
concept by sending me a small donation if you feel that this program is usefull
to you ( $5.00 would be nice ). I would like to continue writing little
programs like this, but more likely than not, if I get no help from the users
of my software, I will have to resort to releasing 'crippleware' ( something I
dread, and usually delete from my harddrive instantly! ) versions in the future
to insure that there is some type of compensation for my investment of time and

Any donations, questions, comments, or general whining should be directed to:

David Drzyzga
P.O. Box 6006
Gulf Breeze, FL 32561-6006

(SysOp of)

FidoNet 1:3612/220
USTG/ITCnet 85:881/301

24hrs/7Days - 253mb online - HST! - SDN,WINNET,DDS,TGSDN,SDS

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