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A remote access utility that automates most of a RA's sysop work.
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A remote access utility that automates most of a RA’s sysop work.
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RAMAN.DOC 55152 14881 deflated
RAMAN.EXE 164112 55129 deflated
RAMANCFG.DOC 2196 978 deflated
RAMANCFG.EXE 120560 48590 deflated
README.1ST 796 470 deflated
REGISTER.FRM 1840 499 deflated
SAMPLE.ZIP 1554 1296 deflated
SUPPORT.DOC 2923 1331 deflated
UPGRADE.201 1039 417 deflated
WHATSNEW.201 1132 595 deflated

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Contents of the README.1ST file

RemoteAccess Manager 2.01

This is the v2.01 release of RAMAN. This version fixes the reported bugs
from the 2.00 release, which are documented in WHATSNEW.201. If you have any
problems, don't hesitate to netmail me at the below address, call my board, or
leave a message in RA_UTIL.

A file called SUPPORT.DOC is included in the archive as well. This file
contains a list of the RAMAN 2.01 Beta team, their hardware/software
configuration, and their FidoNet address. If you are having problems,
you may wish to contact a Beta tester who is running a setup similar to
your own. Of course, you may always contact me.

David Hickey, The North Star
FidoNet : 1:261/1108
BBS : 1-410-974-9305


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