Dec 252017
Valence QWK door for Searchlight. Verison 1.4l. Uploaded by the author.

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Valence 1.4l - requires 1.42 to install
Twirling indicator during archiving,
enchanced treatment of private QWK net
messages, enhanced Netmail and Internet
support, more resistant to corrupted
subboards, support for new features of SL
4.0, more. Includes ALIAS.SL2 compiler,
Member List, and Junk Member Purge.

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Valence QWK door for Searchlight. Verison 1.4l. Uploaded by the author.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
ALIASBLD.DOC 1387 674 deflated
ALIASBLD.EXE 10189 9859 deflated
FILE_ID.DIZ 319 223 deflated
JUNKMEMB.DOC 3636 1683 deflated
JUNKPURG.EXE 14398 13962 deflated
MEMBLIST.EXE 10042 9727 deflated
SHORT.HIS 10820 3488 deflated
VALENCE.EXE 59120 56687 deflated

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Contents of the ALIASBLD.DOC file

ALIAS.SL2 Builder for Searchlight
version 1.0

by William McBrine
Copyright (c) 1994 Iconoclast Software

Written using the Searchlight Programmer's Library
Portions Copyright (c) 1994 Searchlight Software

:::: ALIASBLD.EXE ::::

This program is only useful if you have Searchlight version 3.5A or higher.
It reads the alias names defined in the user file (USER.SL2), and creates a
new alias index (ALIAS.SL2) from them. You should only need to run it once,
but you can safely run it as often as you like. Its main purpose is to index
alias names which have been entered into user records, but not into the
alias file, by previous versions of Valence (or other programs). But it
should help with other reported problems with ALIAS.SL2; it builds a clean
file, from scratch, and avoids duplicates.

With the "-P" option, ALIASBLD will also remove any alias names from the
user records which are duplicates, or which duplicate a "real" name. This is
an option, rather than the default behavior, because it operates "first
come, first serve"; if two users have chosen the same alias, the one that
happens to come first in the user file gets to keep it. If an alias name
duplicates a real name, the real name always takes precedence.

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