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Searchlight FIDO PCBoard PCRelay message batch file.
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Searchlight FIDO PCBoard PCRelay message batch file.
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Contents of the DUCKIE.DOC file

The ultra BIG batch file that allows you to
Import/Export SLBBS messages to Prodoor.
For use with PCRelay.

How all this came about...

I was trying out PCRelay with the Searchlight UTI, and it
kept on locking up when it was doing an import or export. IT also
would trash all of the Bulletins on SLBBS. All in all, SLUTI wasn't
doing it's job too well. I am sure that it left its author as
frustrated as well as myself. This left me with a copy of PCRelay
that wasn't going to work on my system, but, I wanted very much to be
able to Echo. SLBBS can export its messages in a FIDO *.MSG format
and import them as well. That's all fine and dandy if you have a
Local HUB that has Fido messages, or if you call somplace that has
them. But it's not to good if you are trying to get messages from
PCRelay, off of a PCBoard system.

I tried to use PRODoor with SLBBS, and that didn't work either,

as it wouldn't keep track of the users file correctly.

I then came into contact with INTER PC (IP131.ZIP), a utility that
would import the *.MSG's into prodoor, BUT it lacked the ability to
tell what was needed to be exported into a *.MSG. This was due to the
fact that once the messages were imported into PRODoor, the echo flag
was set so that it wouldn't get exported again, a good feature but it
didn't suit my purpose.

I then found DE-TAG, a utility that will tag all of the messages
so that they will get exported. This is good, but it will also tag all
of the old messages that were imported from the day before. De-tag
will do much more than what I've used it for, but it would work just
fine if I were to eliminate the old messages.

Hence, I have all of the message bases along with their *.NDX
files zipped into one file, and every time I do an import-export, I
have it unzip and overwrite the old files. Then I have to do a reset
with PCRelay to tell it what the last imported-exported message was. I
now have three messages in the file, as it seems that PCRelay won't
recive any new mssages if there isn't atleast one message in a base.
Why do I have three messages? I dunno, it worked, so I left well
enough alone. The three that I have are routed back to myself, and
aren't going anyplace. They aren't seen as something to import or

cd\r < This is the dir that has all
of the PCBoard/Prodoor
message bases in it.

pkunzip -o < PKunzips the the file that
has only 3 messages in it.
And overwrites the old ones
that have been already
exported to SLBBS.

cd\relay < go to the Relay Dir
reset < Run Reset so that PCRelay
Sees that The 3rd message
is the highest one.

C: < Go back to the BBS drive/and

SLMAIL E V -N -G D:\IP\OUT < Export the messages from
SLBBS to the dirve & Dir
Where INTER PCBoard will
process them

d: < Drive that IP (Inter PCB) is
CD\IP < Dir of IP
IP /I /E /A /O /h /F:d:\IP\OUT /P:\R\R1 < Command line to tell IP
how to import - export

DEL D:\IP\OUT\*.MSG < Kill the *.MSG files that
have already been imported

d: \
IP /I /E /A /O /h /F:d:\IP\OUT /P:\R\R2 >- < Repeat the process for
DEL D:\IP\OUT\*.MSG / all of the message
c: bases.

cd\relay < Go to the PCRelay Dir
export < Export message for Uploading
Pkunzip -o redo < Over write the message bases

cd\pro < Go to the procomm Dirve &
COPY edison.RLY edison.ZIP < Make a backup file
pcplustd /fmail.asp < Run the Script file for
COPY IN.RLY IN.ZIP < Make a Backup file
cd\relay < Change dir's and run the
import Import for PCRelay.
CD\R < Go to the Drive and Dir of
where the PCBoard message

DE-TAG R1 E N < Run DE-TAG to turn the
Echo flag on for new
messages for import.

DE-TAG R2 E N < Do it for all message bases.

cd\ip < Go to the Inter PC Dir.

ip /I /E /A /O /H /F:D:\IP\OUT /P:D:\R\R1 < Command line for IP
to import the new
slmail I V -K -C -G D:\IP\OUT < Command line for SLMAIL
to import the new messages

ip /I /E /A /O /H /F:D:\IP\OUT /P:D:\R\R2 \
c: > - Repet the process for
slmail I D -K -C -G D:\IP\OUT / all message bases.
d: /

This should help. You will need the following Files to use your
own BATCH file for you system.

PCRELAY < The software that will allow you to

SLMAIL < You should already have this if you
are running Searchlight.

IP131.ZIP < Inter PCoard. Version 1.31 GOOD

DE-TAG.ZIP < DE-TAG, a PCBoard program

BASE.ZIP < A zipped up PCBoard message base.
You will need to unzip it, and copy it
into whatever names you use for the

DUCKTAPE.BAT < The actual Batch file that I run as
an event on my system. This isn't
really needed, but it could help.

I.E. at the Dos Prompt

C:\>COPY R1 PCRelay

Copy the file into however many conferences you plan on having on
your system.

I owe a special Thanks to Bob Krack of ->CALSTAR for helping me
put together the above mentioned programs, and invaluable advice on
how to do all of this. Also Many thanks to the programers whose
programs I have used in order to get all of this done.

If you have any questions,
comments, or suggestions
you can contact me, at
(916) 244-4581
Edison's Workshop 24 hours 24 Bps
OR route a message to me in the Searchlight
Conference (RIME) to

I can also be reached at CALSTAR Communications.
(916) 222-3413

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