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Sl-Puzzle, for Searchlight BBS systems. A game where you have to put the numbers in order.
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Sl-Puzzle, for Searchlight BBS systems. A game where you have to put the numbers in order.
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Contents of the PUZZLE.DOC file

Puzzle by Hollie Satterfield
from Eldritch Boulevard, 703-931-0431

This game is like the '15' puzzle you
have as a kid; it has fifteen tiles on it
1 2 3 4 and one is missing. You slide the tiles
around trying to get them back in order,
like the puzzle on the left.
5 6 7 8
To move tiles in the game, put the cursor
on the tile you want to move and hit enter,
9 10 11 12 and it will slide into the empty space.
The empty space has to be in line with the
tile you want to move. You can move more
13 14 15 than one tile at a time once you get the
hang of it.

You have four minutes; you get one point
for every tile you get in the right place. Personally, I can get a
perfect score of fifteen in under three minutes, but I practiced a lot...

This game will run locally as well as a Searchlight online game: just type
PUZZLE, and you can practice at home all you want. If the game is invoked
with a user name (i.e. PUZZLE %U %G), it will behave as a Searchlight online
game, and only let you play once a day.

Running Under Searchlight
Your .DEF file should look like this:

1;0;1;0;Puzzle (requires ANSI);(your directory here);PUZZLE %U %G
%U = current user name with spaces replaced by underscores
%G = ANSI graphics mode (C, M, or N)

ANSI is required to play this game, monochrome or color. I do not run a
Searchlight BBS, but the game has been tested on one, and should be well-
behaved. It will create two files in whatever directory it is executed:
PUZZLE.DAT, which keeps track of people playing the game so that they may
only play once a day, and HISCORES.PUZ, which lists the best 10 game times.

I run a WWIV BBS, Eldritch Boulevard, at 703-931-0431; I can also be reached
on GEnie as HSATTERFIELD, if you have any questions or suggestions.

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