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WWIV modification that creates an on-line Pop-up notepad.
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WWIV modification that creates an on-line Pop-up notepad.
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Contents of the ADDENDUM.TXT file

NotePad version 1.5 notes:

NotePad 1.5 has been enhanced and optimized to perform more efficiently and in
less time. These changes were created by Shai-Halud ([email protected]), and are solely
the result of his programming skills. I'll let him describe what he has done
to improve the NotePad since its beginnings as version 1.0:

The first thing you'll notice is that there are 3 notepad.c files. Notepad.c
is the original, unmodified copy. Notepad.c1 is functionally the same, but MUCH
faster. The only major change is the conversion of all fwrites, freads, and
fseeks to their write, read and lseek equivalents which run anywhere from 50
to 500 times faster (and is very noticable when creating the original file.
With the original copy, it takes from 15 to 30 seconds to create the data file,
while the new version does it in under 2 seconds). Nothing wrong with the
original, just SLOW.

The third c file (notepad.c2, version 1.5+) has been changed to suit me. I
don't want to keep a permanent note file on my board for users. I have enough
trouble with people never deleting mail. The changes in this file will cause
the notepad data file to be created in the temp dir instead of the data dir.
This has several advantages.

1) when a user logs off, the file is deleted. so you don't have the
users notes on your system forever. If he needs it longer, he can
either write it down, or
2) since it is created in the temp dir, a user can dload the notepad
before logoff with the archive commands in the 'G' menu.

Finally, the last advantage, is that since you only keep the notepad as long
as a user is on, you don't have the problem of :

Needing to recompile if the number of users exceeds the number
originally in your notepad.c (default is 500)

Having wasted disk space by having set a number larger than the number
of users.

Hope you enjoy the changes. Even if you want to keep a permanent notepad, by
using notepad.c1, you gain a LOT of speed..

[email protected]

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