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Necessary utility for Renegade boards upgrading to 4-29. Converts the MCI codes to new format in higher releases.
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Contents of the MCICONV.DOC file

MCI Convertor for Renegade 4-17 Beta and earlier

Purpose: This program will convert your MENU prompts and your STRINGS
to the NEW MCI system in Renegade 4-18 beta and above. It
is TOTALLY new and completely incompatible with the old system.
The advantages are that it's much more organized, there are
a lot MORE MCI commands, AND they're UNIVERSAL! No more MCI
for messages/files separate from prompts! *

Usage: Run this from your menu directory. It will convert all your
menu files, backing them up as *.MN1 first. It will then
prompt you for your string file. Enter it's full file name,
and your string file will be converted.

New MCI: Refer to MCI.DOC in the Renegade beta distribution package.

* Doors, Protocols, etc still have their own separate MCI codes

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