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ACTVIEW v2.31 -- PCBoard 14.x caller's log file viewer. Shows summary totals, and many more features.
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ACTVIEW v2.31 — PCBoard 14.x caller’s log file viewer. Shows summary totals, and many more features.
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Contents of the READ.ME file

05/20/92 - Version 2.31

* The search routines were overhauled to prevent lockups.

* The LARGE parameter should no longer be necessary. Actview adjust
automatically as it runs.

* The memory requirements have been improved slightly.

* The speed is now even faster.

* The F3 (view errors/invalid logon attempts) would lock up the PC if the
last call did not have a termination line. This is now fixed.

* If the baud rate was greater than 5 characters (ie 19200E), Actview would
sometimes lock up.

* Parameters will now be accepted in the following formats:

* Operator Pages were not showing in totals with some caller logs.

* Removed the opening "Please Register" so that users that are
evaluating the software can get a true demonstration of the speed.
The closing shareware screen is still there however .

Coming Very Soon.....

* Real Scroll bars

* ALT-R (RANGE) command to view all calls in any date range (memory
permitting). Default range will be one week.

* Multi-language support (need beta testers soon!)

* New Reports......



The BBS Number for Actview support is changing on 06/05/92 to


The address for registrations and mail support are also changing to:

Greg Wilson
1252 Fordham Drive #101
Glendale Heights, IL 60139

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