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Searchlight programmers API for Searchlight BBS SysOps, for the older TP 5.5.
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Searchlight programmers API for Searchlight BBS SysOps, for the older TP 5.5.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
BLOCK.REF 1741 607 deflated
BLOCK.TPU 8576 3670 deflated
CHAT.TPU 3440 1541 deflated
DIR.TPU 5104 2297 deflated
FILEDEF.REF 21427 5689 deflated
FILEDEF.TPU 16048 7666 deflated
GENERAL.TPU 5200 2295 deflated
KILL.TPU 3136 1458 deflated
LICENSE.DOC 4275 1544 deflated
LLIST.TPU 2400 1007 deflated
MEMBERS.TPU 2480 1174 deflated
MESSAGE.TPU 13456 5934 deflated
MULTI.TPU 2784 1234 deflated
POST.TPU 3744 1741 deflated
README.1ST 1062 550 deflated
SAMPLE1.PAS 999 499 deflated
SAMPLE2.PAS 2509 992 deflated
SAMPLE3.PAS 1308 559 deflated
SAMPLE4.PAS 681 367 deflated
SAMPLE5.PAS 2783 1002 deflated
SLTPU.DOC 17598 5935 deflated
SLTPU.REF 67858 19889 deflated
SUBLIST.TPU 6128 2868 deflated
TREE.TPU 3088 1363 deflated
USERS.TPU 2640 1155 deflated
VERSION.LOG 186 136 deflated

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Contents of the README.1ST file

Searchlight Programmer's Library

Searchlight Programmer's Library is a set of Turbo Pascal Unit (TPU) files,
with documentation, designed to assist in the production of high quality
Searchlight BBS doors and utility programs.

The TPU files in this library are compiled for a specific version of Turbo
Pascal. Be sure you have the correct version for your compiler; versions
are available for Turbo Pascal 6.0, 5.5, and 5.0, and can be obtained from
Searchlight BBS @516-689-2566.

IMPORTANT: This is a shareware product. Although there is no registration
fee required to use this product, distribution of finished programs which
incorporate the TPU files in this product requires written permission from
Searchlight Software. Before doing ANY work with this library, please read
the LICENSE.DOC file for complete information.

(c) Copyright 1991, Searchlight Software. All Rights Reserved.
PO Box 640, StonyBrook, NY 11790
Voice 516/751-2966 BBS 516/689-2566

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