Dec 262017
RA/QuickBBS Sysop utiltity that allows a Sysop to auto-verify new users.
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RA/QuickBBS Sysop utiltity that allows a Sysop to auto-verify new users.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
AVA.DOC 35554 10389 deflated
AVA.EXE 77560 31082 deflated
AVACFG.DOC 15499 5172 deflated
AVACFG.EXE 38836 14579 deflated
AVADAT.DOC 852 437 deflated
AVATEXT.EXE 5170 3156 deflated
BRUN45.EXE 77440 53681 deflated
EDITNUM.ASC 839 457 deflated
ERRCODES.TXT 1535 595 deflated
FIRST.ASC 746 371 deflated
NOCALL.ASC 174 137 deflated
NOCALL.NUM 108 61 deflated
PHONENUM.AVA 2220 864 deflated
QUESTION.AVA 3770 1455 deflated
README.1ST 963 526 deflated
REGISTER.AVA 1689 675 deflated
REMOVE.DOC 3869 1413 deflated
REMOVE.EXE 12866 6609 deflated
SECOND.ASC 267 183 deflated
THELIST.AVA 3971 1618 deflated
WHATSNEW.AVA 13716 4973 deflated
YOUARE.ASC 205 147 deflated

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Contents of the README.1ST file


This distribution archive of AVA v4.0 (AVA40.ZIP) was compressed with
PKZIP 1.10 Authenticity Verification Encryption. Please do not rearchive
the files, or modify the distribution archive. This way, you will be assured
that you have received the legitimate un-modified original files.

Cat Miller sends me the AVA Distribution Archive immediately before release.

We agreed to compress this and future AVA RemoteAccess/QuickBBS releases in
this manner to assure that you are getting original distribution releases.

If you did not receive the Authentic Files Verified message with
Geoffrey Booher - Product Code #HQS028, insist on getting an original
archive, period.

The latest version of AVA can always be requested using the magicname AVA
from my system.

Thank You - Geoffrey Booher - The Gateway Net BBS - 1:11/[email protected]
AVA RemoteAccess/QuickBBS Support USA (815)233-5008

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