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Neat little psudo-chat util for BBS. Makes user think he/she is talking to the sysop, when in reality it's an AI program, even makes typos.
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Neat little psudo-chat util for BBS. Makes user think he/she is talking to the sysop, when in reality it’s an AI program, even makes typos.
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Contents of the SHAMPAGE.DOC file

This program compliments of:
/ \

FIDO 1:369/2
EchoNet 50:5305/2
OurNet 65:613/2
Fort Lauderdale, FL WDNet 3090.00
(305) 523-1717 *HST/DS*

SHAMpage v3.0
(c) 1992 by Rich Waugh

Do you ALWAYS answer the page bell, even at 3am? If you do, then you must be
a new SysOp - SHAMpage is not for you! However, if you occasionally turn off
the page function, you might like this fun little door. It allows the user to
have a nice(?) chat with the SysOp, whether the Sysop is there or not!!!

SHAMpage is based roughly on "A.I." programs such as ELIZA or CHERI. It is a
little more sophisticated than most, including a routine to randomly vary the
speed at which the "SysOp" types each letter and a random "typo & correction"
routine. It will even vary the length of time it takes to answer each page in
the first place. These delays are all calculated, so the typing speed will
vary on different machines, depending on the speed of the computer, but it is
configurable so you can make it type at realistic speeds on any machine. It
will check up to 100 "key" words to which to make an appropriate response.
The key words and the replies are contained in a plain vanilla ASCii data
file (SHAMpage.Dat) which you are free to modify to suit your needs. If you
do modify this file, please make note of the fact that each KEY WORD,
including NOMATCH, is limited to a maximum of ten (10) replies.

Although written with WildCat! specifically in mind, SHAMpage should run on
any BBS capable of generating a standard Door.Sys file. Its features include
support for drop to DOS, various timer functions (user's time left, input
timer, SysOp hot keys to increase/decrease user's time left, etc.), carrier
detection, CTS checking and more. You can check the user's stats while the
door is in operation. SHAMpage also writes a log (similar to PAGED.CAP) just
in case you really WEREN'T around when you had that little chat with a caller
. Perhaps most importantly, it will beep to let you know you've been
paged and you actually CAN pick up the page and chat with the user while he
is in the door. You can take control of the chat at any time, transparently
to the caller, by hitting [F-7]. When you're finished, SHAMpage will resume
the chat by itself. The SysOp's screen (only) indicates whenever the chat is
live. When the user exits the door by typing EXIT, BYE or QUIT (SHAMpage also
terminates whenever it runs out of responses to any particular key word,
including NOMATCH), he sees a disclaimer which explains the SysOp was
unavailable and he was actually chatting with the computer. If he exits by
dropping carrier (some people have NO sense of humor!) he doesn't get that
message , but the door exits gracefully anyway.

Here's what's required to implement SHAMpage on your board:

Make a separate directory where you will run SHAMpage. Unzip all the files in
the archive into this directory. Next, you must modify SHAMpage.Cfg to
reflect the correct information for your board (see below).


DrawBridge BBS < The name of your BBS
Rich < SysOp's first name
Waugh < SysOp's last name
C:\Wc30\Wcwork\Node1\Door.Sys < Path to & name of Door.Sys
SPLIT < WildCat! style split-screen chat (or FULL)
Shampage.Dat < Name of the Key Word Data File
Shampage.Log < Name of the Log File to write
1 < Delay factor - increase this number
0 < to slow down the typing speed, decrease
23:00 < Time to turn it to speed up the typing. For example,
08:00 < Page Bell OFF making this factor .5 will increase the
typing speed 100%, making it 2 will slow
Time to turn it down 100%. Experiment with different
Page Bell ON values until you get a realistic typing
speed for your machine. (Remember, it's
NOTE: The last two lines SUPPOSED to be a real human typing, at
are optional. human speeds!)

An integer specifying the type of
handshake you wish to use between the CPU
and modem. Valid numbers are:
0 = NO handshake
If you don't know what to put here, make
it 0 or 1. CTS/RTS is for high-speed

NOTE: Due to the fact the remote cursor position is generated by ANSI code,
if the caller has color screens turned off, SHAMpage will default to
full-screen chat, not split-screen. This is not a bug. It is intended
to run this way.

SHAMpage is run with the following syntax: Shampage Shampage.Cfg

EXAMPLE Main1.Bat (or DoorX.Bat):

@Echo Off
Cd \Doors\SHAMpage
SHAMpage SHAMpage.Cfg

OPTIONAL hints for WildCat! SysOps:

To make the caller believe he is really chatting with the SysOp, run
MAKEWILD. From the Main Menu Definition page, change the "Page the
sysop" key to some letter other than P and assign it an access level of
1001 or higher, so nobody has access to it. Next, assign DOS Hook 1 or
DOS Hook 2 to key P. Then set up SHAMpage in MAINx.BAT. If you REALLY
want to fool the caller, run MKWCTEXT and change the "Preparing system
to run a door" prompt to "".

SHAMpage is distributed as Nobitchware. I'm not charging anything for it, so
you are NOT entitled to bitch about it!!!

I, for one, am sick and tired of people who solicit money for the dumb little
doors/utilities we all find so indespensible, so this one's a freebie. It is
fully functional and contains no time bombs. If you find it handy, give the
DrawBridge a call and thank me. Or, even better, send me your own customized
Shampage.Dat file. If you don't find it useful, I'll cheerfully refund double
your money!

Rich Waugh

Revision History:

Ver 3.0 :

* NOTE!!! SHAMpage.Cfg HAS BEEN CHANGED!!! (Once again, sigh...)

* The Com routines have been completely rewritten to get around the poor
communications support provided by QuickBASIC. SHAMpage will now control
COM1 - COM4 at speeds of up to 115200 baud (valid baud rates are 0, 300,
1200, 2400, 4800, 9600, 19200, 38400, 57600, and 115200). The serial driver
includes XON/XOFF and CTS/RTS handshaking. Serial input is interrupt
driven, with incoming XOFF flow control (if enabled), or RTS flow control
(if enabled) to prevent overrunning the input buffer.

* Fixed a local screen write bug when using the FULL style chat and checking
user's stats. (Who uses SHAMpage in FULL screen chat mode anyway?)

Ver 2.1:

* Added two (optional) lines to Shampage.Cfg to allow enabling/disabling the
page bell by the hour.

* Changed the page bell to more closely mimic WildCat!'s page bell.

* Changed the [F-2] User Stats to be transparent to the caller.

* Fixed some bad color changes when using the [] or [] keys.

Ver 2.0:

* Changed format of Shampage.Cfg (for the last time, I hope!)

* Randomized key word responses so they will come up in a different order
each time the door is run. Previously, they always came up in last-to-first

* Made new option for WildCat! split-screen chat emulation.

* Shampage now determines DTE rate from Door.Sys, not Shampage.Cfg

* Modified opening "Paging Sysop... " to mimic WildCat!'s

* Modified SysOp's lines 24 & 25 to show other options (which were in
previous releases - but nobody knew about them!)

* Rewrote documentation.

* Changed colors to match WildCat!'s

* Changed some other colors for cosmetic reasons.

Ver 1.1:

* Changed format of Shampage.Cfg

* Fixed drop to DOS bug.

* Fixed "User's Stats" bug.

* Fixed Add/Subtract Time bug.

* Added "Delay Factor" to make the typing rate realistic on any machine.

Ver 1.0:

* First version released to the public.

FREE WildCat! 3.x doors/utilities from the DrawBridge

BobCheck - Automatically send each new user a personal "Welcome" message
after they pass BobCat verification. Requires BobCat and Postmstr.

CheckSec - Restrict access to any door or DOS hook based on the caller's age
OR security level.

MailChek - Check if last caller left any messages.

QwkQuote - OLX compatable reply quote maker.

TickFix - Change the file name extension in *.TIC's from LZH or ARJ to ZIP.
For those who convert LZH & ARJ files to ZIP before tossing.

SHAMpage - Answer ALL SysOp pages - whether you're around or not!

ScrbNtfy - Notify players it is their move in one or more Scrabble door games
via a personal message addressed to them. Requires Postmstr.

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