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Pimp Wars v1.32 On-Line Game for Many BBS Programs.
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Pimp Wars v1.32 On-Line Game for Many BBS Programs.
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Contents of the LOCKBAUD.DOC file

Paul J. Martino Online Game LOCKBAUD Documentation
By : Paul J. Martino

LOCKBAUD Comport BaudRate Parity DataBits StopBits

LOCKBAUD 1 19200 N 8 1

Many of the new US Robotics 14.4 HST's do not work with the AHPAH
online games. Therefore I have re-released all of my games along
with a this new program called LOCKBAUD. This program locks to
the baud rate on your modem to the highest possible speed. If you
have a USR 14.4 HST modem you must run this program prior to
execution of the online game. These 14.4 modems must have the
baudrate locked at 19200. If you have to use this program you
should make a batch file for ease of use. The Batch file for a
WWIV BBS running Pimpwars would look like this :

@Echo Off
LOCKBAUD 1 19200 N 8 1

Normal non HST modems do not need to use this.

THE PALACE (215)-345-4562 Doylestown, PA
THE SHRINE (904)-783-3236 Jacksonville, FL
A PRIVATE COSMOS (519)-948-2211 Windsor (Ontario, Canada)

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