Dec 252017
BBS Door interface for VGA Planets, a PBM/PBEM game.

Full Description of File

VGA Planets BBS DOOR Interface. New
Version 1.50, now supports over 15
games instead of only 5 previously.
Many added features including support
for maintenance processing controlled
by days of the week. Plus other new
features to numerous to list here.
.TXT, PCBOARD.SYS. Desqview aware.
Includes HOST 3.12D and CPLAYER
utils. DL VP300.ZIP seperately.

File VP1101.ZIP from The Programmer’s Corner in
Category BBS Files
BBS Door interface for VGA Planets, a PBM/PBEM game.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
BBSHOST.EXE 24144 14255 deflated
BBSLOAD.BAT 310 203 deflated
CP3A3.ZIP 55611 55581 deflated
CRACK.EXE 41160 30523 deflated
DOOR.CFG 355 198 deflated
EDITOR.DOC 241 185 deflated
EDITOR.EXE 46657 45310 deflated
ENTRY.HLP 913 823 deflated
FILE_ID.DIZ 419 297 deflated
GAME.DOC 1007 539 deflated
GAME1.INF 251 183 deflated
GAME2.INF 251 183 deflated
GAME3.INF 251 183 deflated
GAME4.INF 251 183 deflated
GAME5.INF 251 183 deflated
HISTORY.DOC 27980 9814 deflated
HOST312D.ZIP 164184 163601 deflated
REGISTER.FRM 3381 1324 deflated
REGISTER.LST 4816 2481 deflated
SYSOP.DOC 16630 6596 deflated
UPGRADE.DOC 922 508 deflated
VGAEXTRA.DOC 133 115 deflated
VGAPLANE.EXE 60993 58090 deflated
WARNING.NEW 226 161 deflated

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Contents of the EDITOR.DOC file

Don't forgot for "NOT IN USE", "NO PLAYER YET" and "COMPUTER OPERATED" that
these terms have to be all in upper case characters. I.e. Capitals. Also
remember that some BBS programs are fussy about capitalization of user names.

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