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The file layout of .QWK mail packets.
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The file layout of .QWK mail packets.
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Contents of the LAYOUT.TXT file

For those of you looking for the format of the QWK mail packets I have
put this file together.

11Message status flag
' ' public
'-' public and read
'+' private
'*' private and read
27Message Number (as characters)
98Date (mm-dd-yy)
175Time (hh:mm)
1098refer to Number
1176Number of 128 byte blocks in message (including
the header)
1231Killed Message? 225 is active, 226 is active
1241Conference number (0-255)
1254Not used

The NDX files are:

14Record number to point to corresponding
51Conference number.

This info can be used to develop a mail reader program. A good
exercise in programming.

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